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Two Minute Review of the ZOTAC Mini-DisplayPort to Dual HDMI Adaptor


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It’s time for another one of our Two Minute reviews, and this time is the ZOTAC Mini-DisplayPort to Dual HDMI Adaptor.


What is it?

Transform a single DisplayPort or mini-DisplayPort output into dual HDMI outputs with the ZOTAC Dual HDMI adaptors. The ZOTAC Dual HDMI adaptors take any native DisplayPort or mini-DisplayPort output and adapt it to dual HDMI outputs – notebook, desktops and integrated graphics are compatible.

Connect two digital displays to the ZOTAC Dual HDMI Adaptors for a seamless dual-monitor experience. The ZOTAC Dual HDMI adaptor supports two displays with resolutions up to
1080p for compatibility with the latest affordable LCD monitors and televisions. Pair the ZOTAC Dual HDMI adaptor with a notebook for an instant triple-display computing experience.

Increase your workflow with a large 3840×1080 resolution desktop spanned across two monitors using the ZOTAC Dual HDMI adaptor. More desktop space translates to having more applications within immediate view for speedy access to required work data and information.

Who are ZOTAC?

From their website:

Established in 2006, ZOTAC is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of graphics cards, mini-ITX motherboards and mini-PCs. ZOTAC system components, and mini-PCs can be found in all continents around the globe.

Derived from the terms “zone,” for being distinct in the PC components and systems business, and “tact,” for our superior skill, experience, quality and manufacturing capabilities. Combined, “ZOTAC,” represents technological strength and experience blended with a fresh approach on the industry’s ever-changing needs.

ZOTAC entered the market with an expanded lineup of NVIDIA® GeForce® based graphics cards, which included the passive-cooled ZOTAC GeForce® ZONE Editions and class leading overclocked ZOTAC GeForce® AMP! Editions, in addition to the standard GeForce® series lineup. ZOTAC has since expanded its focus to include motherboards, mini-PCs and innovative accessories worldwide.

ZOTAC products are manufactured to the most rigorous quality standards that combine world-class quality control, reliability, features and performance with superior end-user and channel support.

With 44 SMT lines, over 6,000 workers and a combined 100,000 square-meters of factory space, ZOTAC features a full array of state-of-the-art facilities and machineries. In addition, ZOTAC has over 130 R&D professionals in Hong Kong, China with warranty and service centers in strategic countries to enable effective and efficient worldwide as well as localized sales and marketing support.

Since the introduction of ZOTAC into the PC components, ZOTAC products continually win awards from influential media all around the globe and continually exceed customer and journalist expectations.

The ZOTAC commitment to our customers is to bring the latest products and technologies to the market with superior value and quality. Needless to say, ZOTAC is the right choice for high-quality and high-performance components with exceptional value.


Converts DP/mDP to Dual HDMI outputs
• Up to 1920×1080 per HDMI display
• 3840×1080 spanned resolution
• Passive adaptor (no additional cables required)
• Compatible with native DP/mDP outputs

What’s in the Box?

Well it’s not really a box, its a packet, and it just contains the adaptor.


A Closer Look


Here’s a short video:

ZOTAC Dual HDMI Adaptors


Final Thoughts

Using the adaptor was simple – just plug the cable into the mini-displayport on the comptuer and then connect your HDMI displays to the adaptor – simple!

Size wise, the adaptor is tiny – its roughly the size of a small box of matches and doesn’t really weigh anything, so carrying it around isn’t going to cause you any problems.

The quality was excellent, which is what you would expect, but other devices I have tried in the past have given a less than satisfactory output (with blurring – anyone who has ever tried this will know exactly what I mean).

The most important thing to remember here is that your graphics card needs to support multiple displays if you want to have the display split across multiple screens, and it will only support the maximum resolution allowed by the adaptor.

I found that mirroring the image on my device was simple, but trying to span the desktop didn’t work – although I know that the problem was with my equipment and not with the adaptor. So like I said, make sure your hardware can handle what you want it to do before you buy the adaptor.

Price wise, the adaptor sells for around £34.95 or approximately $50.

As long as your hardware supports what you want to do, this is a great little addition to your setup, or your laptop bag if you are going out and doing a lot of presentations.


Learn more from the ZOTAC website
Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. I hope anyone who ownes this adaptor can help me.. I’ve bought it to get my dual projector setup working with nviida – but it only clones the picture on the projectors and doesn’t span..

    Do I have to do anything special to accomplish this?

    • This adapter is nothing more than an HDMI splitter attached to an mDP. It will not do extended display, it will only clone.

      • then it clearly is false advertising from zotac.. but after this mess (and LOUSY support (i had to describe to the support guy (!) what this adaptor is and what it is supposed to do – jfyi, i told him the model and number beforehand…). his response was “sorry i cant help you because i dont know what this adaptor is supposed to do” .. i mean wtf..?!) – stay away from zotac..

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