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Two Minute Review of the ZOMM Wireless Leash for Phones


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A few weeks ago at LITS I met up with a company called ZOMM who were demonstrating a little device that helps you located your phone. Intrigued I agreed to look at one a bit closer, so here is our two minute review of the ZOMM Wireless Leash.

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The Wireless Leash by ZOMM will keep you from ever leaving your phone behind. It’s the perfect way to keep your phone where it needs to be – with you.



Wireless Leash notifies you of incoming calls and serves as a fully-functional speakerphone. Talk safe and hands free.

The Wireless Leash by ZOMM has a built-in panic alarm and can auto dial any emergency number with one touch of a button.

Who are ZOMM?

ZOMM, LLC is a global technology company that enhances lives through technology. Its first product, ZOMM Wireless Leash, won a Best of Innovations award at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show, was one of two finalist for the 2011 Bluetooth SIG’s best of CES Award and has been named a 2011 CTIA Emerging Tech Award Finalist. ZOMM has since received over 500 million media impressions worldwide, including coverage on leading broadcast stations and featured in over 1000 magazines and newspapers. Its executive team includes legendary seasoned leaders in business, technology, marketing and finance. ZOMM’s mission to enhance lives through technology is now being realized as new products and services are introduced to the world. ZOMM is headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., with offices in Kirkland, Wash, distribution in Okla., Innsbruck, Austria and China, sales offices in Germany and London, and distribution partners in South Africa, France, Switzerland and Austria. For more information about ZOMM, please visit

Key Features

– ‘wireless leash’ helps prevent mobile phone loss

– fully functional speakerphone with a noise-cancelling microphone

– personal safety device

– customisable distance for the ‘wireless leash’ so users can chose to be alerted from 9m to 20m away from their mobile phones

– ability to mute the ringer and other sounds on the mobile phone using the ZOMM

– ability to adjust the ZOMM volume from the user’s phone – customable emergency number for ZOMM to dial

– re-chargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to three days with normal usage before needing to be recharged with the included micro USB wall charger

– comes with a micro USB cord that connects to any computer for charging the battery,


ZOMM is powered by a Lithium-ion polymer battery. During normal use, a full charge may last up to 5 (five) days, or up to 2 (two) hours of speakerphone talk time.

The ZOMM’s durable polycarbonate shell is lined with a thin film and sealed with an ultrasonic weld. A rubber dust cover is installed to seal and protect the micro-USB charging port. This has been done to enhance ZOMM’s resistance to moisture and dirt.


ZOMM will resist normal wear and tear while attached to a key ring. It has been designed to be heat, cold, dust, and moisture resistant and therefore survive the conditions associated with carrying it on a key ring, in a pocket or purse, or on a belt.

Height : 1.62 inches

Width : 1.62 inches

Depth : 0.63 inches

Weight : 0.49 ounces

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