Our friends at CloudBerry Labs have been in touch to let us know about a special offer they are running at the moment for CloudBerry Backup for WHS.


The offer, which runs until December 1st, is a whopping 30% off of CloudBerry Backup for WHS, which brings the price for this add-in down to $20.99.

CloudBerry Backup features:

  • Secure online storage (Amazon S3, Azure, Google Storage and other)
  • WHS control panel integration (easy access)
  • Scheduling Wizard (automate your backup process)
  • Block Level Backup (backup only changed portions of the files)
  • Drive Extender support (back up data on Shared Folders managed by Drive Extender)
  • Local backup with encryption, compression & versioning

And even more cool features coming soon:

  • Instant backup (automate backup of changed files)
  • Bandwidth configuration for different day/night time
Take up this limited time offer here