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Running VMware Server on a Windows Server 2003 Based Operating System including Windows Home Server V1


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19) Either change the path of the destination folder…


… or accept the defaults and then click “Next” (I just went with the defaults).


20) In the Configuration page you can change the path of where you store your Virtual Machines (Insure that the non-pooled hard drive is chosen and not the DE “DATA” Drv)…


… or accept the default given. Accept all the other defaults and click “Next”


21) Choose which ICONS and shortcuts you want placed on your Desktop and then click “Next”

22) Click the “Install” button to start the installation.


23) Relax for a couple of minutes while VMware Server installs.


24) Once the installation has completed you will get a personalization screen to put your Name, Company, and the License Key which you were given when registering your copy of VMware Server 2, click next when completed.


John Keller
John Keller
John has been in the IT profession for over 20 years along with being certified in both Comptia Security + (2008 edition) and a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) on Both Windows XP & Server 2003 Administration, He currently works as an Windows System Administrator for Northrop Grumman in the Greater Los Angeles Area and manages 3 Windows Active Directory Private Networks (Two 2008 R2 and One 2012 R2) along With 2 VMware EXSI 5.5 Servers in the US. He has been an avid fan and follower of Windows Home Server (Now the Essentials Role of Windows Server) and Visualization Since 2009. He is currently trying to exploit the full potential of Microsoft's Windows Server Operating System to the Home & Small to Medium Business Community along with the power of Visualization. When not being a Nerd and a Geek he likes to watch Movies, Read Comic Books, and most importantly spend time with his family.


  1. Old news now. The way to run is with Workstation 8 – Think of all the improvement there are in WS8 with all that new ESX knowledge VMWare have gleaned since making Server 2.

    • Agreed Al,

      Workstation 8 does have alot of advanteges over the old VMWare Server 2 App. However for the Small Business or Home User Euthusiest who necessarily does not have the $200 dollars to shell out for a license to use Workstation 8 this still a good cost prohibitive soloution and will still run just about anything up to WIndows 7/2008 R2 Server.

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