Storage & NASPerfectDisk 12 SP2 Coming Next Week

PerfectDisk 12 SP2 Coming Next Week


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Raxco have just announced via Twitter that SP2 (service pack 2) for their PerfectDisk 12 product will be released next week.


PerfectDisk 12 has only been out a month, so that’s pretty quick to get a service pack out.

More news next week when its released.

Here is what they tweeted:

PerfectDisk 12 Service Pack (SP) 2 planned for next week; in test now.

I spoke with Raxco and they told me that SP2 is pretty much just bug fixes. So watch this space to see just what it covers.

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Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. Wow, what’s going on over there ? My opinion, is that Raxco pushed out PerfectDisk 12 to soon, I was having issues understanding the defrag and free space, am I running 2 different types of defrag ? and SMART was released broken. My confidence in PD dropped. Then they came out with the 1st ever Service Pack that I have seen for the product line. Now there will be a 2nd Service Pack ? Seems unbelievable. Am I missing something ? Or am I misinformed ?

  2. It would be great if someone really wrote a true review of these products. Where I’m finding “read our review” all I find is sales information that appears to be written by the sales staff. If anyone is using this or any other defrag product what benefits have you seen? Is performance really improved? How has it helped you using the system?

    I’ve been trying to find out if I want to purchase PD12 but can’t find any real information about how well it works.

    • John

      If you actually click on the two links in this article they take you to the two reviews I did of the product. Perhaps you are only reading the 1st page and not clicking on the next page link?


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