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Microsoft Mathematics: Useful Educational Tool


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I recently stumbled across a cool application from Microsoft called Mathematics.  Read on for some details on how this could be useful to students, teachers, and anyone else who needs to work with mathematics!

Mathematics Graph

Here is how Microsoft describes the Mathematics 4.0 tool:

Now math and science teachers have a helpful, powerful way to introduce math concepts to their students. This free software application with its
powerful math engine can serve in helping to visualize math theories, foster understanding, and help improve students’ performance.


With its step-by-step features
to problem solving, Microsoft Mathematics shows the journey to the math solution, not just the destination. For teachers, it’s like having a math tutor available to their students when they get stuck on a problem. The step-by-step feature can help students improve their understanding of formulas and concepts as they do their homework.

Microsoft Mathematics is designed for subjects such as:

· Pre-algebra

· Algebra

· Trigonometry

· Calculus

· Physics

· Chemistry

To learn more, go to

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Jim McCarthy
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