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The Just Mobile AluPen for the Apple iPad – A Two Minute Review


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If you use an Apple iPad or iPhone for any length then your fingers might get a little sore. If that’s the case you could do with using a stylus, and Just Mobile have one for you in the shape of the AluPen.

UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 008

Just Mobile AluPen is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus that gives you precise control over your iPad/ iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch.

Sculpted from aluminum, with a soft rubber nib, the AluPen makes drawing and writing a uniquely smooth experience.

Which is why it’s the essential accessory for creative tableteers.


  • Iconic design
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Ultra-soft rubber nib for smooth control
  • Compatible with all capacitive touchscreens
  • Works with all iPad & iPhone apps
  • Perfect partner for drawing and painting apps
  • Deluxe carrying case included
  • Spark Award Silver 2010


  • 12 x 1.3 x 1.2 cm
  • 4.7 x 0.5 x 0.5 in

Who are Just Mobile?

From their website:

Just Mobile started life in 2005 with a simple mission: to create the most stylish mobile accessories in the world.

2007 the iPhone arrived and we fell head-over-heels in love. We put all our old projects aside, and began work on creating the most beautiful possible stand to show off Apple’s little wonder. The result was the Xtand™ – it won a bunch of awards and, more importantly, took pride of place on the desks of thousands of iPhone fans. We’ve never looked back.

These days, we produce a wide range of premium accessories – from innovative stands for laptops to stylish backup batteries for iPods. Stuff people love. Even our mousemat has won a reddot design award.

Everything that we make is guided by our vision to unify form and function – and then sprinkle a little joy on top. Because that’s the best way we can think of to create iconic accessories suitable for iconic products.

What’s in the Box?

The box contains the AluPen, a case for the pen, some stickers and a booklet.

UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 001UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 002UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 003UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 004UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 005

Using the Case

The case was a good idea – the AluPen just slides into the case and is very well protected.

UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 006UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 007

Using the AluPen

The AluPen is very light and easy to hold and use. It is also the perfect size!

UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 011UWHS Review - Just Mobile AluPen 012

Here is a short video of it in action:

The AluPen in action


Final Thoughts

The AluPen comes in six different colours – silver, blue, green, yellow, black and red, so there is no shortage of colours to choose from!

I really liked the AluPen, it was really easy to use and was a lot better than continually using my finger, The inclusion of a carry case was a really good idea and proved very useful when transporting the AluPen so as to keep the tip clean.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, or any other sort of tablet or slate, then you should really consider getting an AluPen – you won’t regret it.

Price wise, the AluPen retails for around £19.99 but you can find it for around £15 online.


Learn more from the Just Mobile website
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