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Office for Mac 2011 on Lion – Some Issues You May Need to Know


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If you are now running Lion, and you have Office for Mac 2011, there are a few issues you may need to be aware of.

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Here is what Microsoft have said:

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about running Office for Mac 2011 on Lion, so we’re offering this post to help inform your decision about when to upgrade to Lion.

We’ve been working with Apple from the early days of Lion, and collectively have been able to address many issues leading up to the Lion release. Many of our Office for Mac engineers have been running Lion for months, and are generally having no problems running Office 2011 on it.

There are two large- and several smaller Office for Mac 2011 issues (on Lion) that we want to highlight. First, Communicator for Mac crashes when you send an instant message or start an audio/visual call. We will fix this issue in an upcoming update to Communicator for Mac. (Note that many users may never use Communicator, because it’s a corporate product, and not included with the mainline Office products.)

Second, on Lion, Outlook can’t import mail from Apple Mail. We’re reviewing this and don’t yet have a plan to fix it. However, if your mail is already in Outlook, then this issue won’t affect you.

The smaller Office issues are fairly minor or cosmetic, things like windows that might not align as they did in Snow Leopard, and we will continue to work together with Apple to fix these in our next regular updates.

Office 2008 will also benefit from a couple of updates. While our first priority is Office 2011, we will fully test and take care of any significant issues on 2008 as well.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to Lion soon, be prepared for the Communicator and Outlook issues, and a few other small issues, but rest assured we will have updates available through our Automatic Updates channel in the near future.

And if you’d like the latest info at any time, please check the Office for Mac Knowledge Base for complete details.

Thank you for your questions and keep ‘em coming!

Pat Fox — Office for Mac

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  1. One more issue is that Outlook does not allow to compose mails in LION. When I click on Reply, Forward or Compose new mail, nothing happens. Even if I try to send mail directly from document (share as attachment), I get error saying Outlook is not configured.

    On searching the net, I see there are few others who have similar problem.

    This is serious problem when u cannot send any mails.

    Any solution???

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