Magic Wake On LAN, an add-in that adds wake on lan capabilities to your home server and network, was updated to version 1.2.715.1. Read on for details!


Back in December, we told us about the initial release of this add-in. Here is what we said about the add-in back then:

Magic WOL is a clientless WOL solution for WHS V1. Utilizing the latest AJAX technology for seamless website interaction, Magic WOL is the easiest solution for waking up computers for RDP. Not only is it accessible from the WHS console and the remote website, but it easily allows you to manage devices in your network that are not connected to WHS.

*Clientless integration, only need server installation.
*IP Helpers and ARP finders that keep your PCs info accurate when WHS doesn’t.
*Edit, Delete, and Add new computers to the add-in.
*Automatic Updates for all future releases.

On Thursday we told you about an update, and now there is another one.

Magic WOL Version 1.2.715.1 is the first version with computer scheduling, which allows you to configure computers both inside and outside of WHS client pool to wake up at a specified time, daily or one time only.  This release also includes the updates and patches from the recent maintenance release (version 1.1).

This add-in costs $7 and comes with a 30 day trial for evaluation purposes. Jim uses this add-in frequently to wake his home desktop from the office and the road, and if you are looking for a WOL solution, He recommends it from personal experience. He uses it from his Android phone and his work computer and since it deploys a website for sending the magic packet, it can be used by a multitude of devices.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t tried this yet for your v1 box, give it a whirl!

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