Storage & NASPerfectDisk 12 SP1 Coming Next Week

PerfectDisk 12 SP1 Coming Next Week


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Raxco have just announced via their blog that SP1 (service pack 1) for their PerfectDisk 12 product will be released next week.


PerfectDisk 12 has only been out a month, so that’s pretty quick to get a service pack out.

More news next week when its released.

Here is what they posted:

PerfectDisk 12 Introduced extensive changes and enhancements. As always with new versions, the focus was on the core issue of defragmentation and optimization. And also, as we have sometimes done in the past, we introduced new functionality that, while not directly involving disk defragmentation, is related to drive performance and/or overall drive health.

The new OptiWrite fragmentation prevention technology involved major changes to the engine that also met the goal of minimizing free space fragmentation in this new process, which no other solution provides. Other engine changes were made to improve fragmentation speed, improve the boot time defrag process, and more.

PerfectDisk continues to serve a wide range of users, from millions of home consumers and home offices, to small business, to large enterprises that include some of the largest multi-national corporations in the world. As the IT, performance and storage markets undergo continuing evolution, we strive to meet the ongoing needs of those that desire and require defragmentation and optimization to achieve and maintain the best possible drive and system performance. There is an ever-growing set of users that have needs above and beyond the core defragmentation of the NTFS file system. Thus, our specialized solutions for vSphere, Hyper-V, Exchange, Windows Home Server, et al.

Many of our home users (and some of our business users too) simply install PerfectDisk, set it up once, and never worry about it or think about it again. Others do more with it and the various tools and options available. They know that PerfectDisk can provide more information and flexibility to perform and report on their drives and files. With this in mind and at the request of numerous users over the years, we provided S.M.A.R.T. monitoring capabilities with PerfectDisk 12 that we have had very positive feedback on. Many users told us “it’s about time!” There is also a subset of users who, as mentioned earlier, have no interest in this type of extra capability. We understand this, and for them, PerfectDisk can still simply do its main mission – boost drive and system performance.

And there are also users who think the S.M.A.R.T. data is a great idea, but don’t appreciate (rightly so), the outrageously high temperatures they see on their PerfectDisk 12 S.M.A.R.T. tab. These high temperature listings were due to PerfectDisk not recognizing the drive model and trying to apply an incorrect set of rules to interpret the S.M.A.R.T. data. For these models, we goofed on how we acted on the data.

With PerfectDisk 12 Service Pack 1, PerfectDisk will only provide S.M.A.R.T. data for drives and models it recognizes. We are going to be adding more drives and models over time, in later service packs, so that only accurate information will be provided. This will eliminate the high temperature displays. However, for those models we have not yet incorporated into the PerfectDisk engine, accurate temperatures will still not be displayed; but erroneous information will not be displayed either.

Going forward, we are committed to continuing to provide the best defrag and optimization tool for PCs and servers in both physical and virtual environments. At the same time, we will also look to offer additional innovative tools for those users that desire them. As we evolve, you can also look for us to differentiate our product line so that it is easier for users to choose and use the offerings that make the most sense for them, with the ability to bypass features that are not important to them.

PerfectDisk 12 Service Pack 1 arrives next week. More changes and improvements to PerfectDisk 12 are in the works.

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Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. This is good news.I hope they get this right, I have been disappointed by this version. I hope it does not become the next Norton Antivirus debacle, where they went into this whole suite thing and really messed things up and brought computers to a crawl while t the same time giving the product a bad name.

    There are a few other choices out there for SMART data, so I hope PerfectDisk can get this right.

    I also found that their degfrag and free space defrag is confusing.

  2. I gave the trial a whirl, I was not pleased with the look and feel at all and uninstalled it. (mostly because I didnt want to have possible conflicts with DrivePool beta) But yeah it was really tough just to navigate around drive to drive trying to check out my system. It gave the “this doesn’t make sense” cramped/frustrated reaction first time. Unless they fix the usability I think I’ll just wait for StableBit Scanner WHS 2011 edition. Scanner for V1 was killer.

    • All fair comments – to be honest, for me, I just installed it and left it alone to do its thing. But I think your point about possible conflicts with the betas is a very good one!

  3. I removed it from my WHS2011 Test Server and my Primary Server running WHS v1. I reinstalled PD11 on my primary server. Simply put I did not like PD12 and it never really optimized the drives as it was suppose to. When comparing it to PD11 all I can say is PD11 did a much better job and worked much faster than PD12.

    I do not like to be negative here but I will have a wait and see attitude when SP1 is released. I am in no hurry to go through the last experience again.

    • thanks for the comment – it’s not about being negative, it’s about sharing your experiences and thoughts, so thank you 🙂

      hopefully SP1 will address those issues for you.

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