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On Saturday June 25th, Dave McCabe of the Home Server Show sponsored a meetup in Wisconsin.  I attended…here is what happened!

2011 06 25_1366

Dave reserved a room in a Ft. Atkison, WI hotel and obtained sponsorship from Drobo.  Giveaway items were donated by Microsoft, Drobo, Crashplan and KeepVault.  One lucky participant, Andne, won a four-bay Drobo unit!  Here are a few pictures:

Dave and Jim With VF's Swag

Tim Black AKA Vinylfreak gave Jim Collison a dollar sign bling necklace to tease him about Drobo and gave Dave a box of poptarts.  Frequent listeners to the podcast will know that Dave made an unfortunate comment about coding in one’s underwear eating poptarts; now Dave gets to eat some!  I don’t want to know about the underwear part.

John Z

John Zadler AKA Diehard was present from Quebec via Skype, and briefed us all on the Canadian mail carrier strike and the impact of Canadian bandwidth caps on internet usage, among other things!

Dave Podcasting

Dave and Jim recorded a podcast episode while we were there…this is Dave working hard.

Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
My tech interests include WHS, media streaming, and gaming, among others!


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