It seems like only yesterday there was an update, and today the latest beta version of the Windows Home Server Drive Extender replacement StableBit DrivePool build 1917 has just been released.


  • Combine all your hard drives into one big storage pool (except the system drive with the OS).
  • Add and remove drives from the pool at any time without re-partitioning or manually moving folders.
  • Create duplicated folders on the storage drive pool that are protected against single drive failure. If a drive fails on which a duplicated file was stored, the contents of that file will remain readable even without the drive.
  • All your data is stored in standard NTFS files. You can always access your files even if the Windows Home Server completely crashes or this add-in can’t be used.

The changes in this version are: ———-

* Fixed folder rename access denied.

Download Stablebit Drivepool build 1917 here Learn more about StableBit DrivePool here

Have you tried it? What do you think?