MicrosoftWindows Home ServerWindows Home Server 2011 Software Now Available to Order

Windows Home Server 2011 Software Now Available to Order


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Now that is has been a little while since Windows Home Server 2011 RTM’d and has also been available to download from MSDN and TechNet, it is finally available to order via the System Builder Channel.

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Now remember that Windows Home Server 2011 is NOT a retail product, so finding suppliers isn’t as easy as if you wanted to buy a copy of Windows 7, but it will be available in the System Builder channel. Just do a search using your favourite search engine.

For now here are two sites that have it:

UK : LamdaTek – £90.68 US : PC SuperStore – $106.56

If you find any other places let us know. And why not talk about it in our forums?

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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    • Newegg does have system builder product so you should be able to get it from there. Amazon are unlikely to stock it other than through a 3rd party.

  1. So will there be an evaluation copy available? I can’t find the latest beta, keys or eval version anywhere!

  2. Ordered mine from on the 19th, got it the 20th and installed it over the weekend. I have 3 drives 1 1tb and 2 2tb drives. The 1tb was the one that I used to install the system files on. While this driver was reformatted during the install, the other two weren’t touched and all of my files remained intact.

    The majority of the process is complete, but need to shutdown my V1 to put this one on the web for remote connections. This I will do this weekend.

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