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Two Minute Review of the Radiopaq Flex Earphones


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In another of our two minute reviews, we take a look at the Radiopaq Flex Earphones, designed for use with the Apple iPhone and iPod.

UWHS Review - Radiopaq Flex Earphones

Who Are Radiopaq?

Radiopaq are a privately owned UK company. The goal is to develop a high quality range of portable audio, superior acoustic devices and state of the art multimedia products.

A UK based Design and Development team are tasked with bringing the latest innovations and the Intelligent Portable Audio Range, of which the dots earphones are an outstanding example is the first in a range of products that will be launched in the UK this year.

The mantra of the company is to bring out the highest quality products, with top of the range features and benefits, whilst offering exceptional value for money.

Radiopaq Flex Earphones

Here is how Radiopaq describe the Flex Earphones:

Unlike traditional sports earphones which are often rigid and harsh to wear, the Radiopaq Flex headphones offer a unique over-the-ear design made from a combination of rubber silicon and industrial plastic to offer the perfect balance between stability and comfort across all ear sizes and shapes. The super lightweight and semi-flexible ear hook is designed to help prevent the ear piece from being pulled from the ear and keeps the wires towards the back of the head to avoid them getting in the way during serious training sessions. The Flex earphones come bundled with a selection of three sizes of silicone ear-cushions to provide a customised earpiece that firmly fits even the knobbliest ear-canal. This choice of ear cushions make the Flex not only more comfortable to wear than other traditional sized and more bulky or rigid options, but ensures a sealed fit inside the ear delivering excellent sound isolation as it effectively cuts out more of the ambient background noise – reducing the maximum volume needed to clearly hear audio, and so allows safer audio levels for ears.

The Flex incorporates a convenient touch-button remote control on the cable, featuring volume controls, play, pause and track selections for easier control on ground, ramps or in air. Automatic call cut-in makes answering phone calls with your iPhone effortlessly hands-free using the built-in mic on the remote control –and will restore back to the music once the call has been terminated – so no more fumbling for your phone in the middle of high powered action. Radiopaq’s remarkable Flex headsets produce a sound quality to rival far more expensive models, performing to the highest acoustic standards producing clear high quality, Hi-Fi audio even whilst the user is in motion. Flex deliver performance across all frequencies from high to low; for bass without rumble and crystal clear vocals.


Semi-flexible ear hooks are lightweight, comfortable, secure and keep loose wires away from the front during training
Two interchangeable cable lengths (up to 1.2m)
Flow away cable to reduce tangle
Genuine Apple remote Chip and Mic
Easy to use single touch-button remote control on the cable
3 sizes of silicone earphone cushions for a perfect in-ear fit
Automatic transfer to incoming phone calls and restores to music once the call is terminated
Unrivalled, superior audio performance and quality for price.
Thoughtful stylish design and robust practical construction.

Frequency Response 18Hz @ 20KHz
Sensitivity 120dB
Impedance 16 ohms
Driver Type 12mm
Noise Isolation -26dB
Cable Length 1.2 Meters interchangeable long and short
Cable Type Dual core 7 strand
Connector Type Gold Plated 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack

Radiopaq Flex Compatibility:
Any Apple iPod
Any Apple iPod Touch
Any MP3 Player with a 3.5mm Stereo Jacket socket
MP4 Players
Laptops, Notebook, Netbooks and Computers
Portable DVD players

What’s in the Box?

The box contains the earphones, a extension cable, 3 different size silicon ear buds and instructions.

UWHS Review - Radiopaq Flex EarphonesUWHS Review - Radiopaq Flex EarphonesUWHS Review - Radiopaq Flex EarphonesUWHS Review - Radiopaq Flex Earphones

Using the Earphones

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the correct size earbuds are being used. So just try the earphones on and test the different earbuds.

UWHS Review - Radiopaq Flex Earphones

Then when you are happy just connect them up to whatever device you want to use with them and away you go!

Final Thoughts

I found the earphones to be very light, so much so you almost don’t feel them at all. I found them very comfortable to wear, especially for a prolonged period of time, like a train journey.

I really liked that they included different size earbuds – this is something that is often overlooked with they style of earphones.

The sound quality was really good as well, and the inclusion of both the Apple remote and mic was a very clever idea.

All in all, if you want a good set of this style of earphones, you should take a close look at these. And the price is very reasonable as well!

Pricing & Availability is £24.99 inc VAT and available now from HMV, Game, and online from, LA Muscle and

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