While at CES 2011, fellow BYOB podcaster Michael Martis and I had the opportunity to visit AMD and I took an immediate interest in all of the Fusion talk around the booth. After a few months of waiting for the prices to stabilize (and the sales to start) I thought I would give Fusion some space on my network. Read on to see this unique build.

Project Lil’ Fusion - Zacate Light

What are Zacate and Fusion?

Zacate is the code name for the 40nm AMD Dual-Core E-350 CPU. Zacate features a 1.6 GHz dual core CPU in a 18W configuration using DDR3. It has AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics and supports DirectX 11.

Directly from AMD

Accelerated Processing Units (APU) combine high performance serial and parallel processing cores enabling breakthroughs in visual computing, security, performance-per-watt and device form factor.

VISION Technology from AMD delivers next-generation all-in-one desktops with a compact, energy-efficient, and stylish design. Responsive performance meets cool and quiet computing in these all-in-ones with seamless, smooth HD content.


AMD Fusion


AMD Fusion

Equipment Needed

After tax, shipping and rebates:


I wanted a case with style, flare and a unique sense of being. Unfortunately I could not find one so I went with the Lian Li Q06R Test Bench. Right out of the box it looks like an anodized camping toilet so keep it elevated if you have small children and they decide to try and leave you a present.

The Zacate motherboards are going to run you about $120 on sale online. They make Micro and Mini ITX models and I would suggest getting one that has USB 3.0 built in.

You could also do just 4GB of RAM and reuse an old SATA drive and get the price under $300. The last three parts were recycled so I actually spent less. You could also go bigger and get a 6.0Gb/s drive or even a small SSD.

Lets set this pig on fire!

Installation and Assembly

The case comes fully assembled with the exception of the card slot stabilizer. If you are not using the card slot then you can just leave it off. It is a cleaner look when it is off anyway.

Project Lil’ Fusion - Zacate Light