NewsHDHomeRun Prime Tuner Testing at CableLabs

HDHomeRun Prime Tuner Testing at CableLabs


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“HDHomeRun PRIME update: currently undergoing cert testing at CL, pilot build is complete, and we’re working on the main release build.” We wish we had more information but we only got a Tweet from SiliconDust.

HDHomeRun Prime

The HDHomeRun Prime is an CableCARD tuner that delivers three tuners in a small and convenient package. Michael Martis and I spent some time at CES 2011 with Jason Ludka and he showed us the three tuners through Windows Media Center. He took the unit apart for us and even set up the tuners again through channel scan. The HD content was great and since the Las Vegas cable company was not using SDV there were no Tuning Adapters required.

Interested in the details of CableCARD? You can find the 315 page specification document that Jason and the team need to meet at:

CableLabs Spec

When we talked to Jason at CES 2011, he could not give us a ship date, but he said they were almost ready for testing.

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HDHomeRun Prime

Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo
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