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Android BBC iPlayer App Review – UK Only (For now)


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The last tab is the favourites tab. This tab is empty until you add favourites yourself. But when I tried to add something as a favourite, it repeatedly failed.


Adding to favourites also seem to only work when long pressing a program, rather than selecting add to favourites when a program is opened.


The app also allows for parental guidance to be set from within the settings.


The BBC iPlayer app also suffers from the same problems as the browser version. It can not multi task, so if you’re listening to the radio and need to reply to a txt or email, the audio stream will stop and you’ll have to go back into the application and start all over again. The app does also not support turning the screen off on the device. This also causes the audio to stop. It will only restart when the screen on button is pressed.

The app only also works when on a wifi connection, like the web browser version.

So overall if you don’t want to watch live tv or listen to live radio (There are other apps that allow live radio streaming of many more stations, e.g. Tunein) then stick to the web browser version.

Jay is an IT administrator in the North East of England. He is a long time user of Windows, Mac and other mobile gadgets.


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