TechAndroidAndroid Market now available through a web browser

Android Market now available through a web browser


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This is a quick note more than anything to say that Google now let you access the Android Market through any web browser by going to Android Market.

Below are a couple of screen shots from the market. One of the best features is being able to pick and app and then remote install it to your device.

android market 2

Is this going to end up as an AppBrain killer?

My only gripe with the market is it shows apps installed even if you’ve since uninstalled them.

android market 3

And as you can see, tango video is not installed on my phone currently.


But apart from that I think that the web Android Market is a step in the right direction for Google and they might even get more sales now because of it.

Jay is an IT administrator in the North East of England. He is a long time user of Windows, Mac and other mobile gadgets.


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