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Media Center Master Version 1.26.26110.406 Released


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Peter Souza IV has just released version 1.26.26110.406 of his excellent software Media Center Master, and apart from a number of bugfixes, the biggest change is that there is now both a free and a premium version.


Here is how Peter describes Media Center Master for those of you who don’t know what it is:

Smooth, powerful interface to organize your media collection.
Support for the built-in Windows Media Center Video Library strip (dvdid.xml) as well as MediaBrowser extension (mymovies.xml).
Movies, television, and adult title search from a variety of configurable meta data sources.
Built-in, fully-automated episode torrenting from multiple sources. Keep your T.V. series updated through the internet for free.
Full meta-data editor with tools to automate movie and T.V. episode renaming.
Theatrical trailer downloader with options for automatic re-encoding.
Extendable fetcher system allows other programmers to write fetchers — sample source code included in the forums.
Configurable to download actor/actress thumbnails and movie/T.V. posters, fan art, backdrops, and banners.
Flexible post-processing allows command-line operations after a movie title has been fetched — works great with Stark Covers.
…and a whole lot more…

I have been using MCM for a while now and I think it’s a great product. I haven’t tried the new premium version yet, but I will. If you have Media Center, and you want a tool to help you to organise your collection, this is certainly the one to use.

There are quite a few bugfixes in this release – take a look at the release notes:

Release notes
v1.26 September 18, 2010 build 26110.406

  • Media Center Master is now a licensed product with both a free and premium version. Please see this licensing page for full details.
  • Issue #102: fixed: Download Missing Trailers tool supports nested folders now.
  • Issue #157: duplicate of issue #178.
  • Issue #172: fixed: fetcher no longer downloads multiple posters for a season, occassionally downloading a banner over the poster.
  • Issue #175: fixed: clearing meta data and then clearing it again (or performing other kinds of actions) no longer shows errors.
  • Issue #178: fixed: blank meta data (no LocalTitle in mymovies.xml or SeriesName in series.xml) will cause Media Center Master to display blank entries in the media list that show errors when interacted with.
  • Issue #179: fixed: T.V. shows with ampersands was causing ampersand code to display in media list and other media applications.
  • Issue #180: fixed: movie list cache was not being written to disk on exit, so cleared titles were not staying cleared properly (and other oddities).
  • Issue #182: fixed: uTorrent manager was showing errors and generally not working.
  • Issue #188: fixed: multiple backdrop support is no longer dependent on fetcher priority.
  • Issue #189: fixed: multiple backdrops aren’t being downloaded upon certain circumstances (like no backdrops at all at one source, or if one fetcher didn’t match the movie title, but the other fetcher did). Additionally, multiple backdrop support handles failures with backdrop downloading much more gracefully now.
  • Issue #190: fixed: adjusted for HTML change.
  • Issue #192: fixed: Media Center Master resized and repositioned its layout several times on start-up, causing it to appear to flicker and dramatically reducing usability for a few moments across network connections.
  • Issue #193: fixed: absolute episode numbering at was not working properly. It now works when ‘treat SEE as AAA’ is turned on.
  • Issue #195: fixed: left/right pane sizing was causing layout issues if Media Center Master was closed while its window was maximized.
  • Issue #2: added: the download parser now supports specials (when labeled using’s “season 0” method).
  • Issue #155: added: media list columns are now selectable (right-click the columns and you can toggle on/off visibility for any column). Column visibility is persistent and will save between launches of Media Center Master.
  • Issue #171: added: when using XBMC meta data generation, T.V. show posters and banners preference is now configurable.
  • Issue #174: added: video/media information XML support for MediaBrowser 2.2.7+.
  • Issue #181: added: added a tool to undo the XBMC wide T.V. show posters (restoring folder_bak.jpg).
  • Issue #185: added: the media list filter is no longer case-sensitive.

You can learn more about Media Center Master, and download it from here.

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