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Hands On Review of the Acer Aspire RevoView Multimedia Player


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Over the last week or so we have shown you the unboxing of the RevoView and some of the screenshots, now it is time for the full hands on review of this HD device.


This little device first made an appearance at the IFA 2010 show a few weeks ago.

Here is what Acer had to say about it:

Acer Aspire RevoView: the best TV companion

2010-09-03 – Berlin

More and more users want to be able to share their ever growing digital libraries with family and friends on their big screen TVs. Sadly, photos, movies videos or music lay scattered on different devices – computers, USB drives, portable music players, smartphones, digital cameras or camcorders – and sending them from one device to enjoy on another one is not always simple.

The new Aspire RevoView is an HD DLNA certified media player that can playback media content from all DLNA certified devices that helps you share and enjoy your digital media. Featuring network capability and Full HD 1080p playback, it makes watching digital content on a high-definition TV easy and intuitive. There is no need of complex devices settings, burning DVDs or connecting a computer to the TV: Aspire RevoView connects directly to your TV via an HDMI port, plus it seamlessly integrates with your surround speaker system for an immersive entertainment experience.

Four easy steps are all you need to enjoy digital content on your TV with the Acer Aspire RevoView:
1. Save your created or downloaded content to an USB storage device or memory card
2. Plug USB device into the Aspire RevoView or insert memory card in the slot
3. Connect the Aspire RevoView to your TV
4. You are ready to enjoy your HD content on TV!

It can get even easier than that. The Aspire RevoView can be equipped with an internal  swappable 3.5” HDD for seamless media exchange. The HDD tray can be shared with the 2010 Aspire M Series desktop PCs, allowing you to easily share and enjoy your downloaded or created content. The RevoView really bridges the gap between the computer and entertainment world.

An Ethernet port provides direct access to the Internet allowing you to watch online videos via YouTube or enjoy your or your friends Flickr or Picasa photo slide-shows in the comfort of your living room.

There’s no end to the fun thanks to the extensive digital media support: the Aspire RevoView makes it easy for everyone to store, play and share their media with no concern for compatibility.

A user friendly interface brings together all available media, permitting to effortlessly navigate through music, video and photo collections. Content can be displayed by folder, list or thumbnails and it can be sorted either alphabetically or by date. Plus, you can playback content from USB connected mass storage and memory cards as well as optical disks.

For seamless operation, the Aspire RevoView comes with an handy 26 keys remote control permitting to easily work media playback functions from afar and to swiftly navigate through the user friendly media center. What’s more, main functions, such as videos, photos and music are quickly accessible through dedicated hotkeys.

Aspire RevoView can also be used as an USB external hard drive where you can store your growing digital libraries and can be used as a back-up drive.
A fully featured media player, Aspire RevoView combines high storage capacity, a compact design and seamless playback functionalities.


On the side of the RevoView are two USB 2.0 ports (one of the wireless USB dongle if you want to use it and one for an external drive, again, if you want to use one). The blue thing is a power light (you can turn it off if you want – more on that later).


The rear of the RevoView contains the power connector, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, a mini USB port, optical audio output and component connections.


On the front of the RevoView is a flap that when opened houses the hard drive tray. There is also a multi-card reader that supports SD/MMC/XD/MS/MS Pro memory cards.



If you open the front flap you can see a hard drive tray. You can click the orange tab and remove the drive tray (in the exactly the same way that Acer handle the drives in their Windows Home Servers). The included drive is a 1TB Western Digital Green Drive. More on this later.



Diehard asked to see a size comparison so here is the RevoView next to my Apple iPhone 4. As you can see, its quite small!


Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. Excellent review, thanks.

    This is a step above the Apple TV & WDTV box. I was surprised about the hard drive, even more that it's a full size drive and not a laptop drive. But making it compatible to the Acer H34x home servers is a great idea.Makes you want to have the Acer product line. Also, I noticed from the image that it has a component video connector much like the WDTV, excellent, I need that.

  2. I didn't see any HD audio support in there, nor any mention of video_ts and BDMV formats. Is that something that's planned in a future firmware release (hardware already installed), or is it not ever going to happen? Also, what kind of menu options are there for playing back media? Is it the standard "filename.mkv" lists, or is there a way to have a custom menu so that non-techie family members can use it?

    Thanks for the great review!

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for the comments.

      There is digital audio output from the RevoView.

      As for the format question – hopefully we will see those in a future release of the firmware?

      Its just playback re the videos – you would need to name the content accordingly.

      Again, hopefully something that will change in a future release to make it even better.


  3. Hi Andrew.

    I've been using XBMC for some time,installed in my Revo and Boxee seems like a good hardware+software combination for XBMC.

    however price wise, RevoView is a win!would like to know if RevoView have imdb/internet lookup functionality, so I would be looking at the posters and informations, instead of cryptic filenames.cryptic filenames is not uncommon, but seeing them in HD in the living room makes overwhelms casual users

    p/s: if it's not too much to ask for a video demo of the interface, or a link to it. to date my search yet to yield result.

    • Hi lizzam

      I will do a video of the interface but it may not be for a few weeks.

      Watch this space though 🙂

      and no, it doesnt have that functionality, although I suppose it is something that could be added with an update later on down the line.


      • Thanks for the reply, Andrew. it's a shame, that imdb lookup is not implemented, nor that there's any way around it (Tvix suggested using image backgeound for content description, but it's too much of a hassle).

        a similar discussion with wd live mentioned that scraping (as in XBMC) may need liscensing (although boxee have this functionality already). maybe that's why.

        will and am watching this space for a video review, but knowing that it doesn't have imdb lookup kinda pushed me away..

  4. Hello, thanks for all the great info on this. One more question… I see that it supports dvd iso format, so is their full dvd menu navigation, extras, chapter navigation, etc… for dvd iso images?



  5. Hi,

    Nice review. I provided a link to your review on an AVSforum. Hope you are ok with it.



  6. Hi

    I'd like to know about .iso files too. Menu etc as DaveG asked.

    Also does it play vob files without pauses at the start of each file or does for example a ripped film have to be in one large vob file.



  7. Hi,

    was just wondering if you still have the Acer and how it runs?

    Was there perhaps problems?

    I get the Acer now! Had before the WD TV Media Player and the predecessor. Unfortunately, I have both units went defective and have decided on the Acer.

    Best regards from Germany


  8. Hi Andrew

    Thank you, that you have written back.

    Yesterday I got the Acer and I must say that it is a great device!

    Have so far not found any problems, even the wireless setup went smoothly.

    Had before the WD TV HD Media Player was broken after a while and then I got the WD TV Media Player, which was immediately broken.

    Since your info here have seen and read and I was immediately chosen the Acer!

    Thank you for the super info! 😉

    How long have you been to the Acer?

    Best regards from Germany


  9. Hi there

    Im really interested in buying this product..but I've read several other reviews that it does not support divx codecs? Is there a firmware update for this. Most of my movies are divx codecs but has .avi file extension..will that work?

  10. Hello Halim

    Acer plays AVI formats without problems!

    I think the players will have no problems with Divx and Xvid. I am very satisfied with Acer! Can only recommend. And if he do not like you should, you've got 14 days to return! And I think Xvid is Divx formats, only spelled differently around ..

    Greetings Angelo

  11. Hi Andrew,

    So I'm up now super happy with the Acer, even though I did only have 3 days!

    I've read on German website, the Acer will not be as good until I came across your great info here.

    And I also think we should find out yourself, how is this device.

    What firmware do you have installed on the Acer?

    And you may know how much power the Acer consumed in standby?

    In operation, it will consume 24 watts!

    Best regards


  12. Hi, Hope you can help me. I can't get audio from my LCD TV after plugging in with HDMI or video component cables. I'm using AVI and mp3 file formats. Thanks.

  13. Hi Yap

    So you get no sound from your LCD TV? Is this right or wrong, I understand this now?

    You have to use the included HDMI cable and then in the menu: HDMI Raw set, then you get a sound out of your LCD TV!


  14. Thanks Angelo

    Im getting mine tomorrow along with a WD 1TB hard drive to go with it…hopefully everything goes well after setup…might post review later on…was just wondering..I've got several TV series in folders on my laptop…would i just transfer these folders to the hard drive like a 'plug n play' and will these folders be seen on the Revo Player interface..thanks..


  15. hi Andrew

    supported format..? do you mean the file extensions like .avi or .mpeg…? how about .avi file extensions with a divx codec format…will that work or would i need to convert to a recognisable codec format..?


    • Hi Halim

      The Revo supports the following Video formats:

      AVI (Xvid, AVC, MPEG1/2/4, DTS, VC-1)
      MPG / MPEG
      VOB / ISO
      MKV (h.264, x.264, AVC, MPEG1/2/4)
      TS / TP / M2T (MPEG1/2/4, AVC, VC-1)
      DAT / MP4 / MOV (MPEG4, h.264)
      WMV9 (VC-1)
      RM / RMVB

      if it is one of those you should be fine.


  16. Hi Andrew

    What firmware do you have installed on the Acer?

    Do you perhaps also determine how much power the Acer in standby?

    In operation, it will consume 24 watts!

    Greetings Angelo

  17. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for your answer.

    The firmware 1:00:03. is also installed on my Acer!

    According to the website there will be a new firmware: 1:00:04.

    But I do not know if I should install the firmware, if the player runs without problems.

    What do you mean?

    I wonder how much electricity consumed in the Acer standby.

    WD TV Live Media Player consumer 'already in standby 10 watts and be warm when they are not from the current increases.

    In operation, the WD Media Player should consume 30 watts.

    Greetings Angelo

    • thanks Angelo – I will keep my eyes open for the 1.00.04 update, I just tried to see if the Acer could find it, but it couldnt so I guess its not quite ready.

      As for updating, when it is released check to see if there are any new features you want, if not, stay as you are.

  18. Hi Andrew

    you must go directly to the website of Acer, as you'll see the new firmware.

    About the Wireless-Doogle he finds the firmware is not! I've already tried!

    I once read in the German forum, which is to change something in the new firmware. It should look a little different (menu) and run faster. But 100 percent I can not say this because I installed the same firmware on my Acer as you

    • thanks Angelo – I will download it and try it, and let you know 🙂

      I know that it doesnt work from the update menu option!

      Stay tuned……


  19. Hi Angelo,

    I've tried all the settings but there is still no sound from my TV. I've even updated the software, as advised by ACER, but still no sound. I think I'm going to send it to their service centre. Thanks.

  20. Hi Yap,

    the problem I had before, I had no sound on my TV. Then I connected the included HDMI cable and set the menu setting to HDMI-Raw and then had a sound on my TV!

    Tests on the Acer HDMI 1 to be connected to the TV, perhaps it is because.

    Otherwise I do not, unfortunately, further more, sorry!

    My Acer runs perfectly / no problems!

    Greetings Angelo

  21. Hi Andrew

    I've already downloaded the new firmware 1.00.04, but they do not trust me to install!

    Usually, a firmware is there to improve the system and not deteriorate.

    Have you installed the new firmware?

    Then please report to me about it. Thanks

    Greetings Angelo

    • Hi Angelo

      I just installed the 1.00.04 firmware update but I cannot see anything different and I cant find out what is supposed to be in the update.

      I am on the case though.

  22. @Yap

    have you already tried on the Acer control the volume to be addressed? Perhaps the player is on silent. Then that is also no sound comes out of the TV!

    • I've tried both TV and player to no avail. However when I connect the audio jacks to my amplifier, the sound output is distorted, even when I turned them to the lowest volume. I've just returned the player to the service centre. Perhaps I should have tried the HDMI 1 as advised instead of HDMI 3 which I used. Anyway I'll keep you informed of what the service centre has to say after their tests. Thanks.

  23. Hi

    I've just got my Acer Aspire RevoView RV100 yesterday along with a WD 1TB hard drive. Been transfering movies to it all day. It works like a charm. Plays all of my movies. Sound and video quality is awesome!! but that all depends on what time of file format you have.

  24. Hi Andrew

    I've installed since yesterday new firmware 1.00.04 and appearance no difference noted. I find that the remote control is now more responsive and the menu is a little faster!

    I noticed that the picture sometimes stutters .. this is due to either the movies or maybe the new firmware.

    Do you have the problem? I've looked at an old movie yesterday as Avi and since it has come to me. It is not continuous, but from time to time!

    Can we possibly put on the old firmware 1.00.03 back?

    Greetings Angelo

  25. Hello Halim,

    I am glad that you are happy with the Acer.

    The device is also really great!

    Greetings Angelo

  26. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for your reply.

    Okay, then it is probably because of my films. Or maybe the movies are also much too old. Will look after, whether it is the same for other films.

    Greetings Angelo

    • Hi Andrew

      I am again.

      So I tested just a bit and have noticed that not stutter in any film.

      Thank God … I still have the protective film on my Acer!

      A friend has now ordered the Acer though he has the WD media player that works well.

  27. Hi Andrew,

    have just the wireless settings or the streaming settings are in effect. Avi, Divx, Xvid movies mp3 and photos of the stream running perfectly!

    But unfortunately I can not stream mkv files 🙁

    Do you have experience as perhaps made and can also stream mkv files?

    Greetings Angelo

  28. Few problem need to improve.

    1) Subtitle setting ( size / offset ).

    2) Unable access setting mode during video playback ( change Video Aspect ratio for some movie).

    3) Unable create folder / Rename.

  29. Hello

    Always stay relaxed … the equipment he has been short on the market!

    there will be enough Updates 😉

    I am completely satisfied with the player!

    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  30. Can it function as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) ?
    thinking of like downloading and saving files on it from a full fledge PC, thus saving the copy cycle…
    p/s: great hands-on post!

  31. Hello Andrew, yesterday I tried to make working RV100 at a friends place and cannot get around one problem. Is there any way to see RV100s HDD as a network drive in win xp? I can see shared drives of the PC from RV100, but not the other way around? Have you tried it? Thanks.

  32. Hello Andrew, yesterday I tried to make working RV100 at a friends place and cannot get around one problem. Is there any way to see RV100s HDD as a network drive in win xp? I can see shared drives of the PC from RV100, but not the other way around? Have you tried it? Thanks.

      • Thanks for the reply… Unfortunately this product does not even exist on Acer website so no support of any kind. Thankfully I got replies from other forums – this functionality doesn’t work on RV100. Sorry to say that, but this player doesn’t come close (with the features, depth of interface, options etc) to much older players (Xtreamer, WD TV Live). And it doesn’t work as NAS. What was the point to release this in 2010 if players from 2009 beat it hands down?

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