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AWIECO WakeOnLAN Beta Add-In now with Launchpad Integration for the Vail Refresh – Video Edition


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AWIECO released a new beta version of their updated WakeOnLAN Add-In today for Windows Home Server code name Vail Beta Refresh. This new Add-In version integrates the WOL functionality into the Launchpad! The new Add-In is amazing and works great with the Vail Refresh and the mobile Vail website!

Launchpad Integration

 AWIECO has shown us the versatility of the new Vail by adding in functionality to the Launchpad!




WakeOnLAN Add-in

 In simple terms, this Add-In allows you to remotely turn on PCs via the Wake On LAN (WOL)  feature supported by most modern desktop computers.



WakeOnLAN Features

  • Manually add and delete PCs in your network by entering their MAC address
  • WakeOnLAN Add-In is now in the “Computers and Backup” tab in the Dashboard
  • Access WakeOnLAN over the web-interface from your WHS “Vail“ or SBS “Aurora“
  • Mobile website allows you to wake up your computers from your mobile device
  • Overview of available computers by MAC and IP address
  • Status icons show a list of available WOL computers in your network
  • Full Vail and Aurora integration
  • Easy WakeOnLAN administration over the Dashboard
  • WakeOnLAN Add-In checks for new versions of the WakeOnLAN Add-In
  • Installation of WakeOnLAN Add-In Installation directly on the server
  • Installation option for all clients within your Vail network
Download the beta Add-In at:

Your Hardware and WakeOnLAN (WOL)

 WOL is a function of your BIOS and the network interface, and not OS dependent. This means that the WOL function is built into the motherboard and can work on virtually any operating system. Most modern PCs can support WOL if the network controller is embedded in the motherboard. Check with your manufacturer to see if your PC supports WOL.

Your Software and WakeOnLAN (WOL)

 Once your system receives a magic packet (the signal to power up that contains the MAC address of the PC that is sent network wide) and has been powered up, the operating system then takes over.

You must set your OS up first to enable WOL (usually disabled at factory) and start your computer after the Add-In has been installed. The Add-In needs to find the MAC address of each machine on your network that is “connected” to the Vail server.

The Add-In will not find MAC addresses of PCs not using the Vail connector software. To allow for non-connected PCs, AWIECO has added a function that allows you to manually input MAC addresses of those PCs not connected to Vail.

How Do I Set My PC for WOL?

 To see how to set up Windows 7 and your PC for the WOL, check out our prior article and a video that Diehard and I did back in June!

Updated Vail Refresh Interface

 The new interface fits right in with the new Vail look!



New Manual Entry of Devices

 This updated Add-In has the ability to add new devices not connected via the Launchpad. Sweet!



Add-In Download

  • Version: 0.2.1 (Beta)
  • Release-Date: 8/24/2010
  • File Size: 1604 KB

AWIECO Download

Let’s see some video!

Video of Add-In Installation and Launchpad Integration


AWIECO WakeOnLAN Add-In for Vail Refresh



 Once the Add-In is installed, and you have set your PCs to accept the WOL signal, the Add-In performs great! Andrew Edney and I use the WOL function on my network daily and have been waiting for AWIECO to update and port the Add-In for the Vail Refresh.

A special thank you to Andreas for all of the help getting it set up and running!


Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.



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