How To's & GuidesHow To Backup Your Windows Home Server System State

How To Backup Your Windows Home Server System State


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The How-To Geek website has a very interesting article on how to backup your Windows Home Server System State. Not sure what that means, then check out the article to understand more.

How To Geek

Here is how the article starts:

Sometimes when your making tweaks to WHS or installing certain Add-Ins, it can make the system unstable. Here we take a look at how to backup the WHS System State and / or Registry so you can restore it if something goes wrong.

The System State includes the most important system files for WHS such as the Registry, Startup Files, and Protected System files.

The article is fairly short, but has concise steps and screenshots for you to follow along with making it very easy to use yourself.

I recommend reading the article and following the steps to periodically backup your system state data – you never know when you might need it!

The How-To Geek guys have a lot of really great and useful articles you should take a look at, and not just on Windows Home Server. Nice work guys!

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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    • Thanks Tim – I thought it was familar 🙂

      I saw using this process as more for a backup before adding add-ins in case of problems. I know recently I have had issues with some add-ins that couldnt be removed from the registry correctly and had I had a backup I could have at least tried to recover that way instead of performing a server reinstall.

      • Your idea as a manual "restore" point might make more sense. This tool and the restore process require the OS to be operational to do the System State restore process. You could not do a restore to a new blank disk for example.

        I know the Geeks process can save the system state but they did not try and "restore" that file in the post. I wonder if that will be their next article?

  1. Let's say i perform a restore on my WHS using the factory CDs and have my server like booting for the first time.

    If i have the system state backup file and perform a restore will it bring it back with the same settings, users, shared folders permissions, add-ins etc ? (of course with not the actual DATA i get that)


    • Actually a "restore" will find your data on the D: drive but you WILL lose your settings. A "reset" will blank out everything like it came from the factory. We call that a Factory Reset. If your WHS dies you always want to try a Restore first if possible!

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