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In-Depth Review of the HP StorageWorks Data Vault X310 Windows Home Server


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As with the installation, the configuration steps are just the same – just walk through the questions and you will be ready to go. Notice that the default name for the X310 is HPSTORAGE (the same as the X510). Again, here are the screenshot walkthroughs for those of you who are interested.

04-07-2010 11-28-2804-07-2010 11-28-42

04-07-2010 11-29-1504-07-2010 11-29-27

04-07-2010 11-30-2504-07-2010 11-59-50


The first time you launch the Windows Home Server Connector the software will check to see if there are any HP specific updates that you might need.

04-07-2010 12-00-0504-07-2010 13-15-13

04-07-2010 13-15-2304-07-2010 13-15-29

This is where things get interesting and are different to what HP have done in the past (unless you are familiar with the X510).

You will notice a whole new look and feel to the HP elements of the Windows Home Server Console including a Tour option that enables you to click on elements to see what they are and do. I really like this new look and feel and in my opinion will make it so much easier for those new users to get to grips with the Home Server in no time at all.

You will also notice (or rather you may not) the missing elements (media collector, video convertor and media server).

04-07-2010 13-15-5204-07-2010 13-16-05

04-07-2010 13-16-2004-07-2010 13-16-34

04-07-2010 13-16-4304-07-2010 13-16-53

04-07-2010 13-17-0404-07-2010 13-17-13

The Add Software tab is going to be something that HP use more and more in the future. When you click on it, it will take you to the HP Software Add-Ins page.

04-07-2010 13-17-22

More and more add-ins will appear here in the future, and there are a couple here already to get you going.

04-07-2010 13-17-3904-07-2010 13-17-54

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  1. Thanks for the lenghty review. Removing some of the HP software might prove to be a more stable box. Problems with Twonky and media collection has given owners of the EX49x/X510 boxes a unhappy feeling about their purchase. It's buggy.

    Looks like from your review, HP put a hold on updating the V3 software for the EX49x/X510 boxes to work on the X31x version, delaying to update Twonky, hence unhappy EX49x/X510 owners.

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