Today Tranquil have dropped some more hints about their forthcoming Media Center PCs – the ixL series.

Last week we talked about the forthcoming T7-MP2 : Tranquil Announce the T7-MP2 Media Center PC

Here is what Tranquil have said today:

Tranquil PC have been quiet on the Media Centre, and performance PC front for the last two years or so.  Certainly the focus on OEM embedded systems and Home Servers etc has kept the organisation very busy.  With the exception of the recent T7-MP2 there have been no new ‘Media Centre’ appliances listed for a long time.

Those two years have been spent working and waiting. as have you.  That wait is over.

Raw computing power has always come at a price – real operating costs in pounds / dollars, as well as environmental cost.  The power PCs have always had to be big, not always ugly, but certainly noisy !  – all of that is about to change.

VIA and more recently Intel have been great in bringing lower power CPUs and chipsets to market, and the latest D150 dual core Atom CPU from Intel is a testament  to Intel’s commitment to power, without power !

But these ‘light-weight’ CPUs have often been criticised for under performance – not a fair comment really – what can you expect from a CPU consuming just a few watts !?Those days of low power = low power are over.

Of course the grail of computing is to create affordable style, efficiency, power on demand – and reliability.  The ‘desktop replacements’ that some notebooks can reasonably say they are, tick many of the boxes – but ‘performance notebooks’ come with a price, and reliability – well ?

A new day is dawning – and Intel call it ‘Not just faster. Smarter’ – of course you’ve seen then advertised everywhere, even TV – yes, it’s the i3 / i5 / i7 Core series


Coming soon, is the Tranquil ixL series of PCs – yes, you guessed it, powered by the i3 and i5 CPUs

Over the next few weeks, will be highlighting :

  • why i3 / i5
  • why fan-less
  • why British engineering
  • why …

– oh, and of course, when and how much !

Please visit the Tranquil PC blog below – and Stay Tuned

So as usual we will keep you updated, and expect more news, pictures and reviews shortly and Tranquil will be shipping these babies by the end of June. These look very interesting and we have been talking to Tranquil about these for a little while now and are very excited by the possibilities they bring.