Want to know what to expect when setting up Remote Access for the Vail beta? John “Diehard” Zajdler and I set up Remote Access on my Windows Home Server Vail beta and made a short video of the process.


Get the Windows Home Server code name “Vail” Public Preview at:

Microsoft Connect

Want to a video of the software installation of Vail?


What’s New with Windows Server code name Vail beta

Windows Home Server Code Name “Vail” is the version 2 release of Windows Home Server and is based on Windows Server® 2008 R2.

Remote Access

Connecting to your Media

Computers and Backup

Drive Extender Enhancements

Dashboard and Launchpad

So enough of the text, lets see the video!


Please read the official Microsoft Release Notes file BEFORE attempting to install and operate the Vail beta software!

beta VAIL

Have a fun time with it and make Windows Home Server a part of your life.

Timothy Daleo