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Tech Tip on Thanksgiving – PeerGuardian2 and Windows Home Server: and Windows Updates


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I tried for over a day to get Power Pack 3 via Microsoft Windows Update. I tried manually clicking on Update Now. The console would be unresponsive for several minutes, then provide me with a useless error message. At first, I figured maybe that the update server was busy. Then I decided to check my PeerGuardian2 log. It was blocking a LOT of outgoing requests to Savvis and to Limelight Networks, LLC.

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Well, after a little digging, I figured it out. Savvis is actually TZO, who facilitates the * dynamic DNS that the HP WHS uses.

And, Microsoft uses servers hosted by Limelight Networks for Windows Update. I never noticed the TZO problem, probably because my cable company hasn’t changed my IP address.

Here’s the IP addresses that I added to PeerGuardian2 to allow so that TZO and updates would work. Within moments, I was greeted with Windows Update updating.

Savvis –

Limelight – Microsoft Update

Michael Peelehttp://
Michael Peele has been an IT manager for more than 11 years, with a current day-job at Georgetown University, in Washington, DC. Michael is a self-proclaimed "advanced novice" or "power user", and feels that he is the target audience for Windows Home Server. He beta-tested Windows 95, and is a general early-adopter (not much of a beta-tester, though), he purchased Vista 64-bit early on. He has a wide range of experience in technology management, and works as an independent consultant, periodically, primarily for IT Management and IT Security services. He has presented at numerous conferences and written several articles (primarily university-related). Many years ago, he worked on a team writing a hint book for id's Quake. Michael has a number of qualifications, including a MS in Technology Management, BS in Electrical Engineering, and multiple certifications, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP), is Board Certified in Security Management (CPP), and is considering other IT certifications, such as A+, Network+, Security+, SSCP/CISSP, and some Microsoft certifications, but hasn't had reason to sit for the tests.


  1. I used to use PeerGuardian2 and had some issues with it and Windows7. While waiting for them to release a update, their website told me about PeerBlock which is updated and works a lot better. You might want to check it out…

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