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In-depth Review of the Acer Aspire easyStore H340 Windows Home Server


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Up until now, there have only been a few really big players in the Windows Home Server hardware market – probably the biggest being HP.

Now, Acer steps onto the playing field with their Aspire easyStore H340 Windows Home Server.

At first glance this looks a lot like the HP MediaSmart Server, only shorter and fatter. It has a polished black finish and a front drive bay door that opens to allow access to the drive bays.

IMG_0285 IMG_0286 IMG_0287 IMG_0288


The actual specification of the H340 is as follows:

Intel Atom 230 processor


Built in 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ethernet

4 USB 2.0 ports on the back
1 USB 2.0 port on the front
1 eSATA port (on the back)

2 SATA 7200 RPM 640 GB drives
3 SATA 7200 RPM 1 TB drives

20 cm (W) x 18 cm (H) x 12.2 cm (D)

Adding additional storage is a breeze thanks to the way Acer have designed the E340. You just open the front door, press the orange button the drive tray, slide it out, pop the new drive in, and slide it back. Simple. This is a very similar approach to that of the HP MediaSmart Servers, and one that I know a lot of people, myself included, love.



The box itself is quite small with everything coming very well packaged inside.

IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0290

The contents of the box include the H340 itself, the power cable, an Ethernet cable, some software CDs (the PC software disk, the server recovery disk, and a PC recovery disk), a warranty book, a user’s guide (a more complete guide is included on the CD) and a just for starters guide.

Plugging it in all shouldn’t take more than a few moments, now it’s time to switch it on and get it working.


The first thing that needs to be done after you have connected up the H340 to both the power and your home network, and switched it on, is to install the Client software on one of your computers. This performs two functions, the first of which is install the Windows Home Server Connector software on your computer but also to enable you to configure your new Windows Home Server, with details such as the server name and admin password (but more on that in a moment).

After you pop the Software Installation CD in the drive, you then follow the usual steps to install the Windows Home Server Connector software. I won’t walk through all those steps again in this article, but I have included the screenshots for those of you who might be interested.

starting software installation installation welcome installation welcome 2 installation finding and downloading welcome to the connector installation proceeding connector updates wake up options home server found

So once you have go to this stage, then its time to configure the Windows Home Server itself. You have to do it via this method because there is no facilities available on the H340 for you to plug in a mouse, monitor and keyboard.

Again, I won’t bother with going through each and every step, although again I have included the screenshots for those of you who might be interested :-)

WHS Setup 1 WHS Setup 2 WHS Setup 3 name your home server type in a password help protect WHS customer improvement windows error reporting WHS update WHS update 2 WHS update 4 WHS update 5 WHS update 6 WHS ready

Once you have completed these steps then you can log in to the Windows Home Server Console as normal.

WHS Console Login 30042009110433

The very first time you log into your Windows Home Server, you will see that the Hardware Health and Performance Monitor Service is not running. This is because it needs you to type in the password you created for the administrator account. Just type this in and then click OK to continue.

Health problem


The first screen you will be presented with in the WHS Console is Computers and Backups view.

WHS Console - 1st view

You can also see what storage you have available on the Storage tab.

WHS Console - Server Storage

As the H340 comes preinstalled with Windows Home Server Power Pack 1, you will need to update to Power Pack 2 before doing much else.


Just go to the Settings tab, and click on Update Now to retrieve that, and any other updates that are available.

Resources - Post SP2 install

Depending on how many updates might be needed, this could take a little while.

There are a few additions to the H340 that are worthy of mention.


This tab provides an all around monitoring mechanism to help you keep an eye
on the home server’s health and performance details.

You can easily monitor elements such as the version of the software, the current performance, fan speed and system temperature and change settings such as the brightness of the front panel LEDs and whether to remote awaken the WHS.

System Information - upper screen System Information - lower screen


You can use the Hardware Health and Performance Monitor settings page to set a refresh interval for monitoring data, configure performance threshold settings, specify email destinations to which alerts should be sent when temperature, voltage, and fan speed abnormality is detected or the pre-configured threshold is exceeded.

Hardware Health Monitor Settings


The IP Configuration settings page allows you to view the home server’s current IP configuration settings or change the IP configuration manually. This is a nice feature that saves you from having to use Remote Desktop to get access to these kind of changes.

IP Configuration IP Configuration 2 IP Configuration - advanced


Digital Media Server is an application compatible with DLNA 1.5 and runs on Windows Home Server to provide with content directory service which auto starts upon booting of the server system. With Digital Media Server enabled, other Digital Media Controllers and Digital Media Players based on UPnP structure can co-work with the application to help you browse, access and play media contents on Windows Home Server. Besides, it also makes possible for iPod, iTunes and Xbox360 users to share media files on Windows Home Server of their respective self-supporting formats.

Digital Media Server uses a database to manage media contents on Windows Home Server. It avails of the album, artist, genre and playlist information to sort music files. As for photos and videos, it uses folder mode to collect them.

The Settings for DMS (Digital Media Server) page allows you to enable or disable digital media server function and customise the sorting method of photos and videos.

With DMS enabled, digital media controllers and digital media players using UPnP (Universal Plug’n Play) protocol, will automatically discover, access, and play media files on the home server. It also makes possible for iTunes, PS3, or Xbox 360 users to share media files on Windows Home Server.

Settings for DMS

The home server supports the following digital media files:





iTunes Server allows iPod and iTunes users to share and play music on Windows Home Server. To achieve this, the application creates a virtual music library on the local device and treats it as an iTunes repository, which makes it possible for music files to stream from Windows Home Server to Windows or Mac computers running iTunes.

Settings for iTunes

The H340 also comes with some WHS specific applications already installed for you. Both of these applications are available as Add-ins for non-H340 owners and it is interesting to see that Acer have opted to included them as built-in applications rather than Add-ins, so you cannot remove them from the WHS Console if you don’t want to use them. Lets take a look at both of them, shall we.


Lights Out is an application that was developed by a fellow WHS MVP, Martin Rothschink that allows you to set the home server into suspend mode or wake the system at a chosen time with the aid of a calendar event.

The default Uptime screen displays a chart showing recorded uptimes in the home server, such as when a backup took place, which home computer was active, or when the home server woke up from
sleep mode.

Lights Out

The Calender view displays the calendar window and allows you to add, edit, delete a calendar entry.

Lights Out - calender view

You can also change the default settings that are used.

Lights Out settings

In order to control the Lights Out functionality on your WHS, you need to install the client software that comes on the CD.


McAfee Total Protection provides virus protection to your Windows Home Server and its files.

McAfee Total Protection Service

You are given a free 6 month subscription to anti-virus updates, after which time you will need to pay for them or stop using it. If you want to remove it completely, unlike other Windows Home Servers that have it as an add-in that can be removed via the WHS Console, you will need to use Remote Desktop to connect to the server, then manually remove it using the Add/Remove Programs tool.

You can easily set up an scan schedule if you wish as well.

McAfee Settings


This feature is unique to the H430.

The USB backup button on the front panel allows you to backup data from a USB storage device to the home server. Windows Home Server copies all files into the Publics shared folder first then classifies the files according to media type into their corresponding shared folders, namely Music, Videos, Photos. When Windows Home Server cannot determine file type, the file is automatically stored into the Others folder.

So all you have to do is plug in a USB hard drive and press the USB backup button on the front of the H340 to begin (it will now be glowing blue). If you have a lot of hard drives that are not external USB drives you should consider buying an adaptor, they can be very useful.

One Touch USB Backup

I did a little test and was very impressed with the results, and it was quite quick. This is much easier that plugging in a drive to your WHS, and then having to map drives and manually copy files over.


This is a very good piece of Windows Home Server hardware. It is relatively cheap, easily expandable and simple to use and set up.

My only real negatives are that it is not the quietest Home Server I have ever heard, but equally it is not the loudest either, and also that there is no easy way for the average user to remove the McAfee service without having to Remote Desktop onto the server, go to Add/Remove programs and manually remove it. Also, while there is an application to update various things on the H340, such as the BIOS, you need to install it on a client PC, already have downloaded the updates, and then point the application to the updates. I would have preferred to see something seamless from within the WHS Console that just required a click of a “check for update” button. Maybe that will come later with an update?

Obviously the H340 doesn’t have the same level of additional software that say the HP MediaSmart Servers have, but this may not be an issue for you. If you just want a WHS to backup your computers and share you files then you cannot go wrong here. If you want lots of additional built in features then you should compare it with the HP MediaSmart EX485 and EX487 servers and decide if the extra money for those machines is worth the additional features.

For anyone who is interested, here is a comparison shot of the H340 and the HP MediaSmart LX195 Server (both the same price). But you should remember that the LX195 only has, and can only have, one single internal hard drive. To read the full review of the LX195, click here.


For me, the killer feature on the H340 is the one-touch backup. It is very simple to just plug in your USB hard drive and press the button to start copying your data over.

I also really liked the fact that this is one of the only Windows Home Server’s I have seen that has come with an actual manual with simple step by step instructions for the average user to be able to get up and running quickly. Thanks Acer, but that also means that H340 owners probably wont need my book 🙂

Acer Aspire easyStore H340 Windows Home Server is available now in the US (around $399)  and also in Germany and Holland. The price in Europe is €399 for 2x640GB model and €499 for 3x1TB model. Certainly the better bargain is the 3x1TB model.

No firm release date or pricing for the UK, but expect this information shortly.

Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. Andrew, THanks for the in depth review. Do you have any of the pictures of the system board of the H340? Do you know what kind of connector(s) is/are on the system board? Do you know what model is the system board used in the H340?

    Any of this info would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Hi Andrew,

    I ended up purchasing the Acer H340 a few weeks ago and it is working brilliantly for me. I was wondering how I could remove the McAfee Total Protection, so thanks for those insights.

    I find my unit is actually quite quiet, I have it right on top of one of our work desks and it is quieter than a couple desktop PC's in our office area.

    I put some info together about Windows Home Server as well and will definitely link back to your site as you have some great info here, you can read my information at



  3. Hi Andrew,

    Great reviews of the two systems I consider, the Acer H340 or HP487. I have read some stuff about the different systems but still it's hard for me to actually tell the major differences. The HP-machine seems to be a bit more powerful, better processor (i.e.64-bit optional) but otherwise the performance seems to be pretty much the same. That leeves me with differences within the additional software that follows the packages. HP seems to include more stuff like possibility to upload pictures to flicker, facebook but that feature does't fancy me. I'm more interested in backup purposes, streaming capability (dnla and especially the different formats that can be handled) but here it gets hard to grip the differences. Do the included software actually differ that much or do I miss something ?

    Is it so that the software from HP allows more configuration possibilities than the Acer ?

    Can't I access them directly in WHS-software anyhow even though it can be a bit harder for the newbie ?

    Do I miss anything else of importance regarding the hardware ?

    A lot of questions but I would really appreciate some help to sort them out ?



    • Hi John, thanks for the comments and questions. I suppose it really comes down to you and how much you are willing to spend. To be honest, given your statement about media I would suggest you opt for the HP because of the various streaming and media conversion software included with the EX487. There is more media related software and other software with the EX487, but the 487 is more expensive.
      I wouldnt say that there were more configuration possibilities, just that you get more built in software with the EX487.
      Certainly the EX847 is likely to be better suited to the next version of WHS – which is going to be out next year.
      Shout if you have any more questions.

      • "Certainly the EX847 is likely to be better suited to the next version of WHS…" Please qualify why you say this. The Atom processor is 64bit. I know nothing about the next WHS, is it expected to add more bloat? If its based on Windows 7 I would expect it to actually run faster on current hardware. You seem to imply the next version will need more power computers.

        • John – the details on the next version of WHS are not public and so I cannot comment on what will and wont be included, indeed they are still working on it and an announcment probably wont be until early 2010. Im not saying the the H340 wont be able to handle it, or that its processor isnt good enough, but given the choice between the two machines, which is where your original question came from, I would say the HP is the safer option.

          • Drew – I used to always worry about making the best purchase decision for the future. But with the current economic situation I now worry more about the present and what is needed right now. The fact is that this Acer can be found for $350 (or less) makes it an amazing value. I believe all of the small conveniences that HP offers prepackaged can be found in addons (sans the sexy blinking lights). Those enthusiasts who look that far into the future (WHS 2010) will also be the ones who can modify their WHS to be anything so why pay the premium HP is charging for their own customizations? And my last point is that there is already dual core atom processors available and in the 2010 time frame i'm sure a much more powerful Atom DIY upgrade option would be available.

            My recommendation to any and everyone who want to purchase a pre-built WHS, pick Acer. And to the Power Users I suggest DIY killo-watt crunching servers.

            There are a few things I can think of which would cause WHS 2010 to need more processing power. The main being video re-encoding. And the most entertaining thought about that is a graphics processor is ideal for the job … but then WHS turns back into a powerful workstation and not a headless home server … HA!

            I hope I don't come across as arguing. Thank you for the reviews, you have been very helpful.

            • Hi John – thanks for your comments, I have to agree with you, if you are thinking about today and the near future, and you want the best value for money, then there is nothing wrong with the Acer at all, it is a very nice bit of kit (if you can actually get one!). There will always be something "just around the corner" so thinking about your needs today is a good idea! And as for coming across as arguing, not at all – you have some very valid points that I am happy to see someone make 🙂

  4. Andrew,

    Thanks for developing this review. I appreciated it…along with all the screenshots.

    I currently have a Infant ReadyNas NV+ which has been great…but I know find myself looking for additional functionality…like for example using a NAS/Server device to host Hulu for example for service out to a TV.

    I didn't see any mention of installing extra programs on the server. Is this possible with this hardware?

    • Mike – like any Windows Home Server, you can install any number of add-ins depending on your needs. You can also install additional software on the server, but you need to ensure it is compatible and doesnt break it!

  5. Do you ever perform any performance test on your hardware reviews? What kind of a review is this a NAS without any MB/sec or IO/sec test?

    • Firstly Windows Home Server is not just a NAS, it is much more than that. As for performance testing in the reviews, performance is based on so many factors, including individuals personal setups and networks that I felt it wouldnt be practical in the review to include performance metrics other than to say what the specification of the hardware was.

  6. Hi, I am really curious about what I can get from HP for the so called media-smart softwares. There is very little information about these softwares on the web and it looks the only way to know is to really get a WHS and see what is inside. Could you please explain this a bit? Especially those related to media streaming. Do you think it is feasible that most media streaming function offered by HP is also feasible with other WHS add-on? Thanks!

  7. Any idea when these are going to be available in the UK?

    I've been looking for a hot-swapable WHS for about 6 months now….First I got excited when I heard about the HP 485/487, but they aren't released here….Now the Acer seems to be the same – available in US, JAP and EU, but not UK!

    • Dave – still no official release date here in the UK, although you can get it in some parts of Europe. The HP machines will be available in the UK later in the year though, probably around October / November time.

  8. Can the Acer backup Mac? The unit at the local store appeared to have a cover for a low profile slot? Any knoeldge about this?

  9. Great review. Liked the "screen shots". I'm awaiting delivery of my Acer unit. The "screen shots" gave me a good insight into the setup process (and answered a lot of questions that other reviews didn't).


  10. I've been reading up on this machine and was concerned about how much storage I could add. I've seen the cap vary between 4TBs and 7TBs. I'm just wondering if the storage cap is a hardware or software cap. The one TB it comes with should last awhile but a year down the road I might want to install a larger drive.

    I also wondered if anyone has tested the Gigabit network capabilities. I have not doubt the port is as it says but can the machine actually handle the throughput?

    • Hi Dan – Im not aware of a bap between 4 and 7 TBs. There are four drive bays, so with todays hard drives that 4 x 2TBs, plus there are a number of USB ports for external drives and also an eSata for as well. I would day that you are only limited by the number of drives you can connect. Ive tested the network connection on my home network which is gigabit and I havent had any problems at all. Hope that helps?

  11. Just rec'd and put my Acer on line in the last day. Has two internal 1TB drives in it. Works fine. Like the "System Information " sub-menu. It gives you some idea of what is going on internally in the server. Also like the "lights out" add-in . Gives a good picture of what is going on with the server and the computers on the system.

    One aspect that takes a little getting used to is that when the server is busy doing a background task (ie like pulling files off a USB device using "one touch", balancing storage when you add a drive resource, setting up another computer with the connector software etc.) it is not obvious why the server is not available ! You have to infer the reason by looking at the CPU activity graph or just "eyeball" the ethernet link LED on the physical unit.

    Otherwise it is great.

    One little problem I had with the supplier ( was that they furnished a WD10EAVS (8MB cache) vs the ordered unit WD10EADS (32 MB cache) drive for the 2nd drive in the unit. Haven't heard back from them yet as to how they're going to resolve the issue. Will advise when I know.


  12. Need to remove a hard drive from storage. Went through console to do it . Doesn't allow selection (choice greyed out).

    Checked the manual (no addn'l info).

    Need to remove this drive to return it to Wrong drive was shipped 8 MB cache vs. 32 MB Cache!

    Any help would be appreciated.



    • Paul, if it is greyed out I think you have no choice but to just pull the drive from the server and then power back on. You will probably get a warning about a missing drive – just follow any prompts and steps to sort it.

  13. Andrew:

    It was a "cockpit problem" (as they say in the flying business)!

    When I originally took pictures of the two 1 TB Drive labels (when I installed the 2nd 1 TB drive) I mixed up the pictures and identified the added drive as a WD10EACS 8 MB cache.

    In fact the "system drive" is the 8 MB cache drive. The "added drive" is the WD10EADS 32 MB drive.

    The reason that the software (obviously) wouldn't let me remove the drive was that it was the system drive.

    Unfortunately the Windows Home Server Console Storage menu doesn't identify which positions the drives are in or which drive has the system software on it. If it did I would have realized my error right away.

    Thanks for you help.


    PS: Will contact newegg and let them know shipment was right and I made the error.

  14. Andrew:

    Didn't find the Acer Easy Store on the list that's embedded in Tims review (or could I find the list on the Disk Management Add-In Site).

    Re: My previous post (Acer WHS/Storage Tab/ HD Ident.

    If you look very closely at the icons on the storage tab menu the "system drive" has the MS logo on it BUT with the reduced window size of the Storage menu it's easy to miss!!


  15. Thanks for the great discussions on the ACER. I went ahead and purchased it about a week ago and hooked it up. Everything works great except the remote access function (the reason I bought it in the first place). I've tried just about everything to get access to it remotely. Since I'm not that tech savvy I'm having to learn from the gournd up how networks function. From what I've read the most common problem with a network are firewalls and "blocked" ports on the modem and router. I've called my tech support for both my modem and router and they couldn't help me open the ports. I've tried myself to open the ports but it is still not letting me access remotely. Any suggestions?

  16. Tony – I assume you ran through the remote access wizard on the Home Server without any luck? What did it say to you?

    You may need to foward three ports on your router – 80, 443, 4125. How you do that on your router will depend on the router itself. See if you can locate the instructions for your router on port fowarding.


  17. Hi – my HP EX475 broke and I sent it for repair. Changing the motherboard and PSU costs twice as much as I paid for the box 1 year ago. As HP discontinued the product, it can not be replaced with a new box and HP is not marketing the new boxes in Norway.

    So I need to get a new box from another vendor – like Acer.

    Anyone know what I am up against in terms of moving the data off the 4 disks I had in the HP machine and into the Acer machine? I have about 4 TB of data spread over 4 disks, with some folder duplication (photos).

    Any advice and experience will be highly appreciated!


    • Bjorn – the easiest, and safest thing to do would be to connect each hard drive up in turn to the Acer, but DONT add it to the storage pool. Connect to the Server via remote desktop, assign a drive letter to the disk and then manually copy off your data to the new server. It will take a while but it will work.

  18. I just received the Acer easyStore H340 yesterday, and at times I experience some high frequency sounds/noise, and at other times some ticking sounds (like tick tick tick tick). This seems to occur when I'm accessing files and/or when the server is under load. Anyone else experiencing this?

  19. Andrew: Thanks, you were right. The non-system drive had some issues. I've removed it and the machine is pretty quiet now 🙂

  20. How to install the monitor, keyboard and mouse to Acer Home Server? After I installed the Firewall I cannot RDP to the server. Is there a way around to uninstall the Firewall.

    • Jonathan – you cant install a keyboard mouse and monitor – the unit is completely headless. If you cannot RDP anymore to the server, you may have no choice but to perform a Server Reinstallation. What Firewall did you install and why?

  21. how to install the monitor. I bought a Startech usb to SVGA adapter to connect my monitor but it seems i have to install the driver first to make it work. I accidentally installed the Mcafee Firewall Protection. How to re-install the Home server? I don't have a CD rom drive connected to the Server. I tried on a regular PC but it does not work. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    • Jonathan – the Acer comes with a Server reinstallation DVD, which you run from your computer. Check the instructions that came with it for how to perform a server reinstallation to check if there is anything "special" you need to do (for example, the HP units need you to press a small recessed button first).

  22. Hi Andrew,

    Nice job on the article! I just got mine and have been trying to get rid of McAfee with no luck.

    When I got the box, I setup a user account. I cannot RDT into the box with those creds. I found Advanced Admin Console add-in and it actually does let me into the box, but there are two entries for McAfee in Add/Remove programs. One removed successfully but the other requires WHS Console to be shut down, which, because I am using the add-in from the console to get to the desktop, is a catch-22.

    I though logmein would allow me to fix this, but it uses the creds existing on a machine, and my user creds do not work. Apparently the admin account on WHS has a password preset.

    Any ideas?

    • Hank, the account you are supposed to use for RDP to the box is the Administrator account with whatever password you used when you first set up WHS. But Im glad you have it working now anyway.

  23. I figured it out. The account setup in WHS Console is a user account with limited priviledges. Add your account to the Admin group and voila! Acer WHS is open to everything.

  24. Hi Andrew,

    I am new to WHS and I got the ACER H340 yesterday.And I found that it takes too long to transfer 400G media files to Acer H340.

    Can I use the sever recovery disc to recover the WHS os to another faster drive ?

    Does it make any different for transfer big video from from PC to WHS storage ? if WD1001FALS 32MB cache replaces WD10EACS 8 MB cache??

    any ideas ?

    • Zoonby – copying 400GB is always going to take a while so Im not sure adding a different drive will make that much of a difference.

      You could always connect the data drive directly to the WHS but dont add it to the storage pool otherwise it will be formatted, and just copy the data locally.

      Yes, you can swap the OS drive out and use the server recovery disk to perform another installation. Take a look at this article I wrote:


  25. Hi Andrew , thanks for your help. I successful re-installed WHS to WD1001FALS 32MB hard-drive.

    How can I copy data directly to WHS directly ?

    Thanks !

    • Zoonby – if you want to copy data to the WHS, you have 2 real options.

      1 – copy the data over the network to a WHS share


      2 – connect the drive with the data on directly to the WHS, DONT add it to the storage pool otherwise it will be formatted, and then copy the data locally from that drive to the shared folders.


  26. I just wrote Acre tech support and they said the MAX HD capacity is 4TB. I didn't see any restrictions on HP's website.

    Acers Response:

    "From what I understand is that you wanted to know if Acer Aspire easyStore H340 supports more that 4TB or not?

    The answer is NO, it will not."

    That is a pretty huge negative for me. If the HP doesn't cap off MAX HD space, I may in fact go with an HP just so I can expand as future needs grow.

    • Dorpond – that cant be correct – if it is I dont see anyone bothering to buy one! Certainly that restriction is not software based within WHS and so I dont see how it can be hardware based. especially with the amount of drive bays and expansion ports on the box itself.

      I will try to find some "spare" drives to put in the Acer and let you know soon.


      • Dorpond – as I suspected what you were told was rubbish. I just connected up 4.2TB's worth of drives and it was working fine and I still have all my USB and eSATA port that I could happily use (just dont have any spare drives to plug in!).

        So there you have it.


    • Oops, we must have posted around the same time. Thanks for testing that, Andrew. Good to know. I wonder why Acer would specify that then? Very odd…

      That was one of the reasons why I purchased the HP last night. Oh well. I hope I am happy with the HP when it comes to features. I really couldn't find a good software comparison on the web anywhere between the HP and Acer.

      Any thoughts on software comparison now that you have played with the HP and Acer? Which are you happier with?

      • If I had to be completely honest, I would say that I prefer the HP one, but only just. Software wise they are fairly similar, and you can get most of the same software for the Acer, but there is just something about the HP box…. 🙂

        • Good to hear 🙂

          I also went with HP because I always felt they had decent support on their website (drivers and such). At least they do for their business servers and workstations, anyway.. Comparing websites, I felt Acer's to be a bit "simple" compared to HP's. But what do I know?

          It is funny how the mind works when comparing two very similar devices. You grasp at anything to help tip the scales. 🙂

  27. I bought an Acer Aspire based on this (and a couple of other) reviews and the fantastic price about four weeks ago. It was very easy to setup and configure. I was able to get all of my systems (my laptop, my wife's laptop, old laptop for the kids, and a PC we use for playing games) very quickly and easily.

    Any recommendations on whose hard drive to purchase to add for HD expansion?

    • David – really depends on what size drive you want and if you want to go "green"? I can highly recommend the 2TB Western Digital drives – check out the review I did.


  28. I bought the Acer Aspire less than $380.00 CAD last week on sale. It came with OS pre-loaded and 1TB WD.

    Added three different 1TB hard drive(s),WD dual Pro 32MB,Samsung F1 32MB and Seagate 32MB, to expand. it was so easy to setup.

  29. Is there a maximum size for drives that can be installed and is there a max number of terabytes that the system can have?

    • Jeff – well you can have 4 internal drives, plus you can connect drives to each of the USB ports and also drives via the eSata port. As for terabytes, the limit is sort of theoritcal I believe, so I know of people with other 30 terabytes on their WHS's!


  30. Andrew, any info on using bit torrent through RDP on this (such as uTorrent)?

    If that doesn't work are you aware of or have you tried to put Linux on the H340 instead? I have heard of people putting Ubuntu on a hard drive and just putting it into the H340 – working without a problem.

    • Hi Jon – no, I cant say I have tried either. Why dont you post this question in our new forums 🙂


  31. Andrew:

    Have posted before (re:Acer 340 WHS). Had to do a "server restore " yesterday. For people who haven't gone through this before. The wording in the ACER User guide on Page 133 (pdf ref:) is not exactly correct!

    1. Power down the WHS.

    2. While "powering up the WHS "YOU MUST SIMULTANEOUSLY HOLD THE PAPER CLIP AGAINST THE RESET BUTTON (pinhole on lower left rear of unit) FOR ~~ 5 SECONDS!

    If you don't do this you won't get the "Server Recovery Procedure".


  32. Can someone tell me if I can just buy the Acer H340 case ? Anyone in Acer maybe ? I would like to stick a ION Atom board inside and turn it into a HTPC NAS.

  33. all the talk on the acer spec page about watching to not swap around teh drive with the OS….if the drive with the OS craps out are you going to be able to rebuild everything?

    • Bonanz – yes, you just replace the drive and perform a server reinstallation which should keep your data in tact.


  34. How is the noise level compared between Acer H340 and HP EX485/EX487?

    My home office is ultra quiet and I really want to keep the noise to a minimum. Thanks for replying and writing those articles.

    • I would say that are about the same. You can obviously help the noise by investing in some of the quieter hard drives out there.

      I would say though that even then neither are ultra quiet so if your office is that quiet you are going to notice them!


  35. I have one of the original HP Media Servers from about 5 years ago and use it as a central NAS for a home network of 7 PCs used by various novice family members. I have been looking at the Acer as a replacement. I like the larger disk support, hot swapping, media streaming, backup capabilities, etc.

    However, I didn't see anything in your review about RAID support, which I view as a necessity because much of the data on our device is not easily (if at all) replaceable.

    Any advice?


    • Hi Def

      You didnt see anything about RAID support for the simple reason that WHS doesnt "officially" support RAID.

      Im afraid I cant really give any advice on this one, but what I would suggest is to go into our Forums and place a question there for others to comment on.


  36. Thanks for your very informative review. Your work was my deciding factor to purchase the Acer easyStore.

    I do have one question about WHS backups.

    Backing up the PC Clients is great but I

    • Jim

      No, if you want to back up your WHS backup database you have to do it manually. There is a backup technical brief on the Microsoft WHS website that details the steps to follow. Quite simple, but not automated yet!


  37. Hi Andrew,

    I just bought the acer home server and I am having alot trouble accessing the server remotely. The only way I get it to work is to have someone at home log on to the server and repair it or restart it manually. Any suggestion? Everything else is working fine.

    David T.

    • David – that is certainly not right!

      What do you mean by repair it? Haveyou tried re-setting up the remote access?

      Also, what are you trying to do? Access the WHS website page?


  38. That what I have to do almost every night…re-setting the remote access…and yes, trying to access the whs website page….the " page"…and the only way I can access it is if my wife at home turns it off and on again or if she resets the remote access…is it because the server is in sleep mode? Is there some kind of update I need to do? Is this a common problem or is this is a unique situation?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

    David T

    • Hi David

      I've not come across this problem before.

      Have you done all the WHS updates? Have you got automatic updates enabled?

      Have you tried not putting the server into sleep mode to see if that makes a difference?


  39. Hi Andrew,

    So I logged on to the server yesterday morning (after my wife fixed it on her laptop) and I made sure updates were on, and I looked at everything possible and the settings were all correct and it was working fine. I was able to log on all day (remotely). Then today I tried to access the server remotely and it doesn't let me again. So it seems like something happens overnight that stops me from logging on…could it be the scheduled back-up? Is it possible to deactivate that? Is there something the server does in the middle of the night that stops me form logging on the next day?

    Getting pretty frustrated….

    Again, any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

    Dave T

    • Dave – there isnt anything that I can think of that happens overnight to stop you from logging in the next day.

      Are you running any add-ins that might be causing you problems?

      Failing that you might want to consider contacting Acer for assistance.


  40. Thanks for the review and instructions. Your work was instramental in my buying 6 of these for small clients. I'll start my 4th install this week. Each one has had it's own challenges. The server itself has been a rock of stability so far. The workstations I've tried to connect to the WHS have had username problems, fragmentation problems, NIC problems etc. – nothing that can't be solved but it definatly slows you down. I've had router problems as well.. I now just go in and change or reset the router.

    I do have a couple of questions. Since I haven't (knock on wood) had any Acer – WHS based problems I'm really not prepared for break downs. The Acer site resembles an abandoned website. I service small non profit orgs with better, volunteer designed sites. (sorry Acer)

    How does one reload a headless server? I also wanted to know if a second HDD can/should be added while the server is off or on. I saw something about the system drive not being hot swapable. Usually when an instruction like this is missing I feel like everyone else knows but me.

    Sorry abou the long post.



    • Hi Tim

      To answer your questions…

      How to reload the server – you use the Server Recovery DVD via a computer connected to the same network. Very easy and it does all the work for you.

      The 2nd hdd should be added when its switched off – then when its all back up and running just add it to the storage pool via the WHS Console.

      Feel free to shout if you have any other questions 🙂


  41. Thank you. I'll tell you how it all works out. I think I'll add a drive to one of the servers tomorrow just for practice.

    Many thanks,


  42. Just go my H340 today.

    As I know it is a server I tried to connect without installing any software.

    My DHCP server listed the H340 as AspireHome.

    So I fired up mstsc.exe and connected to Aspirehome and got the server login screen.

    Does anybody know the default admin user and password?

    I suppose there must be one, otherwise the installation software would not be able to connect either.


    Of course I can install the home server suite but to try things out I would like to stay as clean as possible.

    Also I want to have my linux box access the server too.

    So I 1st want to see if I can get along without the home server connector.

    • Peter

      You need to run the software from a connected PC to begin with as this sets up and configures the Home Server, including asking you to create the admin password.

      If you dont do this step your WHS is not usable.

      Once this has completed then you can connect to your WHS from any other machine.


  43. Hi Andrew,

    I bought the Acer easystore home server.

    I keep getting the error "home server not found"

    Any idea?



    • Hi Leo

      Can you give me some more information?

      At what point are you getting the error?

      Is the Home Server switched on and connected to your network? Have you configured any of it yet?


      • Thanks for replying to me so quick

        I get the error when I tried to install the Home Server Connector Installation software.

        The Home server is on and connected to a HUB/switch

        Does it have to be connected to a Router?, i have a Snapgear router. The middle light on the Home Server flashes blue but doesn't stay on.

        The top hard drive light is red, the others are purple.

        The drive is in its default bay.



  44. Leoung

    I have my WHS connected to a hub, which in turn is connected to my router.

    Can you ping the server from your computer? the servername is ASPIREHOME?


  45. Andrew,

    I didn't have my DHCP server running, now it is up and running, now I have install the Homeserver sofware, I am getting some errors. I can ping ASPIREHOME but can't access it using remote desktop, it doesn't recognize the user name and password. How can I attach some screen grab to you?


    • Leoung – the username is Administrator and the password is whatever password you created during the WHS setup process.


  46. Thanks, I got that.

    Everything seems to be good so far, except I can't get remote Access working even though I have enable UpnP on my router

    and I can't get update this windows "KB958687"

  47. Hi,

    I'm really struggling to find out which WHS to go for;

    It'll either be the Acer H340 one (Atom N230 1,6 GHz) or the HP EX490 (Intel Celeron 450 2,2 GHz).

    The unit will have to be installed in the living room, due to cabling issues.

    However, I can't find out the major differences between the two.

    Is the N230 less powerful than the Celeron one?

    If so, which applications will suffer if I go for the N230 one?

    Are there some applications that simply won't work?

    What about noise levels? I've read that the Celeron has a higher power consumption (= more heat), but does that mean that the unit will be more noisy (fans)?

    I've heard the H340 "live" and it doesn't make much noise.

    I did hear the EX470 a year ago, and that one sure made noise.

    I would appreciate some good advice and comments here.


    • Hi Erling

      Personally given the choice I would go with the HP EX490. It comes with a lot more preinstalled software and add-ins – some of which are written by HP and are HP specific, so if you want them you have to go for the HP.

      That being said, it really does depend on what you want to do with the server. Are you going to do a lot of trascoding and media streaming? If yes, go with the HP, if no, the 340 may be the way to go.

      Noise wise to be honest they are much the same – if you want them quieter you can replace the drives with green "quiet" drives which will make a difference.

      The processor in the HP is far superior – but again, it all depends on what you want to do with it.

      Hope that helps?


  48. Andrew,

    thanks for your prompt reply and feedback.

    I guess getting a WHS in house will reveal areas of usage I haven't thought of yet. When you mention "…do a lot of transcoding and media streaming?…" I guess that's an example of that.

    So far I've only thought of the WHS as a place to store files + run Squeezeserver on. I planned to have the PC that is connected to my TV, to read the vob-files from the WHS and process the 720p material & DVD rips locally.

    I'm not sure if the WHS is doing "media streaming", or if it's only acting as a "normal" server/NAS?

    After googling the EX490, it looks like it's much more quiet than the EX470 that I had a chance to test a year ago.

    I guess if getting the EX490 I'll be more prepared for future add-ins and featured.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Regards, Erling

    • Thanks Erling

      I have an EX495 here for review so I will confirm the noise level agains the 340 as well.


  49. Great review, Andrew. I want to buy/build a home server mainly to stream video to my PS3/TV using PS3 Media Server. I'm doing so with my laptop (Intel

    • Hi George

      The EX495 certainly is powerful enough to do the conversion and streaming. I have one sitting in a box next to me here waiting for me to review 🙂 The Acer is also a good machine but you would need to get additional software to do the conversion.


  50. Andrew,

    Just reading through your posts here and am really struggling as to what to get. When it comes down to it, big picture ehat is am tryting to do is setup a streaming and storage network. I was definatly looking at the Acer for its price, nice, small that i could stick into a decreet locationa dn hook a wireless router to it. then stream that to a device or PC connected to the TV, to watch or listen to anything and everything.

    Now you mentioned the HP being surperior for streaming, why is that specifically? Also is there really a 4TB limit on the Acer? what other spec limits are there in terms of drive add on? would it support a 2Tb drive?

    Due to sales i am definatly hoping to buy this weekend, so your opinion is defianatly appreciated.


    • Hi Matt

      The new HP's have a better hardware spec and the transcoding software built in. It is also performing the transcoding in the background all the time so your content is ready for you as and when you need it.

      If you went with the HP you would have everything you needed "out of the box" but with the Acer, which is a good box, you would need to look at additional add-ins and software to perform some of the same functionality, But obviously the Acer is cheaper.

      At the end of the day it will come down to price – just remember that the HPEX49x series is brand new and so you may not get as good a deal on it as you might the Acer.

      But the Acer is a good box!


  51. Andrew,

    I'm really looking forward to read your review of the EX495.

    However, as I'm really eager to get hold of a WHS, any chance that you've compared the noise levels yet (H340 vs. EX495)?

    Is the EX495 less noisy than the EX470?


    • Hi Erling

      No, I havent had a chance to review the EX495 yet, its still in its box. I probably wont be able to look at this weekend.

      Noise levels will also depend on how many drives you have connected and the type of drives – ie are they green quiet drives or not?

      You believe can adjust the fan speeds on the HP though.


  52. Andrew,

    this is a great site! I have my Acer easystore up and running but can't get my McAfee activated, and the Remote Server function isn't working even though i have opened the ports on my router. Nothing is as easy as it should be with computers.



  53. Hi Andrew,

    I have a non-network Canon printer that I'd like to connect to the Aspire and share across my network.

    Any insight on how this can be done?


    • Hi Chris

      First connect the printer to your WHS – then you will need to get drivers for it, preferably Windows 2003 drivers. Share the printer when you are given the option and then just connect to it from your home computers.

      You will need to do most of this via Remote Desktop.


      • Thanks for the guidance Andrew.

        I got it to work, but it turned out to be a lot more complicated than it should have been. I'm going to post the steps I took so that others can benefit from my struggles.

        1. I downloaded the Microsoft Server 2003 printer driver from the Canon website and copied it to a folder on the WHS.

        2. I installed the Microsoft Server Tool-Kit add-in. This gave me the ability to get to Windows Explorer and install the driver on the WHS.

        3. I went to Control Panel/Printers and added the printer. This gave me the ability to print from the server. (I did this through Remote Desktop).

        4. On each of my computers, I went to Control Panel/Printers and went through the wizard for adding a printer. This is where I confused myself. Initially I was trying to set up the printer as a network printer (seems logical, right?). The printer showed up as an available printer, but I received an error that the server did not have the proper drivers when I selected it.

        The trick was to set the printer up as a Local Printer, then choose 'Create a new port' and select 'Local Port' as the Type of Port. Next I entered the Port Name of servernameprintername. The printername is whatever name was selected on the server during Step 3.

        The next screen prompts you to Install the Printer Driver. I was able to find my Canon printer in the list and install the driver.

        There was no sweeter sound than hearing the test page printing!

        Cheers and thanks for the great articles,


  54. Hi Andrew,

    I was wondering if the H340 can handle 2,0 TB drives or do the bays have a 1,0 TB limit?



    • Ernesto

      They "should" work fine with 2TB drives – I havent had a chance to try one yet in it though.

      The only 2 TB drive I have is stilling in my main desktop 🙂


  55. Hey Andrew,

    Great review and site. Had a question basically the same as one before, but I just need clarification. I am looking at this Acer and the HP EX490 and want it for storage and network streaming. I would be getting a new gigabit router for the whole setup. I have a HTPC and my office PC and got a new WDTV Live for the bedroom. You said to go with HP for transcoding, but would I need that? Or would the Acer suffice and give good streaming with 1080p video, or would the transcoding and such still be handled by the server even if its being played by the HTPC or WDTV? Thanks.

    • Hi Adam

      You should be doing just straight streaming rather than transcoding so the Acer should suffice. Although the EX490 is a better spec so it all depends again on what else you might be doing with or wanted to do?


  56. Andrew,

    sorry for nagging here…

    You mentioned a week ago that you might find some time to compare noise levels (EX490 vs. H340).

    Have you had a chance to fire up the HP yet?


    • Hi Erling

      Not yet, but as you can see from today's unboxing post I have the EX495 out of the packaging – so only a few more days to wait 🙂


    • Hi Erling

      I have had the EX495 running now for about an hour and it is quiet – very quiet!

      I will fire up the H340 later and let you know.


  57. I have couple of questions:

    1. I have two 1TB disk drives installed in my H340 and the 2nd drive was setup as a backup drive when it was first installed. Does the 2nd drive automatically become a RAID drive?

    2. When I backed up the Home Server, it seemed like the system only backed up the user files but the not the system images of the PCs connected to the network. Also, the percentage of disk space use on the two drives is not the same, not even close. Does that mean the 2nd drive is not really a redundant drive?

    Thanks for taking time to read this.

    • Ken

      I think you have misunderstood the purpose of the "backup drive". There is no concept of RAID in WHS. If you add a drive to your WHS and add it to the storage pool then it becomes part of the overall storage. If you choose to have it as a backup drive then it will only backup your shares, NOT your computer backups. There is a manual process for doing that. Take a look at the WHS Backup Technical Brief on the Microsoft website for that.

      The 2nd drive is purely a backup drive – and to be honest if you are keeping it with your WHS you are not getting the benefit out of it. The idea is to have a drive to backup your shares to and then keep it away from your WHS in case of a problem with your WHS.


  58. Hi,

    My new H340 the :"i" light & 4 hdd lightsa are red, and i cannot finish the installation.

    I could ping the server, so the connection is good.

    What would be the problem?

    • George

      I dont know what the problem is from your description. What have you done so far and how are you doing it? What if anything is displayed on the computer you are using to install the software and configure your WHS?


  59. Hello Andrew,

    Maybe a little offtopic but I'm thinking about buying the Acer system. I have only 1 question: Is it possible to install programs like teamspeak and newsleecher on the system? I'm currently running an old computer with server 2003 and this works fine. So if I decide to buy the Acer it is important for me it has the same capabilities like my old system.

    • Pieter

      If they run on 2003, then they "should" work on WHS as its based on 2003, however there wont be integration with WHS and there is always the possibility that they might have an adverse effect on WHS, so try it at your own risk.


  60. Hello Andrew,

    Thanks for your help. Because I read nowhere the possibility of installing programs on WHS I was wondering. So programs are working but there is no guarantee these programs will also work? I think I'll try it at my own risk.

    The main thing is that I can run programs on the server also and can download on the Acer so there is no capacity taken away from the computers of me and my girlfriend and we can do our 'normal' things on our own computers.

    As far as I can understand now this is possible on the Acer.


    • Pieter

      The only thing I would advise if you are planning on downloading a lot of stuff, you might want to consider adding a drive that isnt in the storage pool of WHS. WHS doesnt see the different drives as seperate, they see a single storage pool of hard drive space.

      Either that or set the downloads to be one of the shared folders on the WHS.


  61. Hi Andrew,

    Is it possible to change the Microsoft default home server home page picture (family running around in the outdoor)? In other words, is that picture stored on the Acer H340 somewhere and can be changed by the user?


    Ken Chan

  62. Thanks a lot, Andrew. BTW. Does your WHS book cover this kind of information (i.e. how to change the home page picture) that's hard to find (if it exists at all) in the standard Mircrosoft or Acer documentation? Because if it does then I will just buy the book. Also, an unrelated question. Do you know if the Acer H340 is (or any other brands such HP) Windows 7 ready?

    • Hi Ken

      No, the book doesnt cover that unfortunately its a little out of date now.

      As for Windows 7 – Win 7 and WHS play well together right now and even better when Power Pack 3 is released some time later in the year.


  63. Andrew,

    My Acer Aspire easyStore H340 Windows Home Server did not come with the trial version of McAfee Total Service as it appears to have supposed to. How can I manually load McAfe TS onto the unit?

    • Don

      If you think you are missing software I would contact Acer's support desk for assistance.

      Is it not in the "availalable" tab on the Add-ins section of the Console?


      • Thanks Andrew,

        You're correct, it is not on the Add-ins tab.

        Interestingly though, I purchased the unit new last month and when I click on About under the Common Tasks, it states that the last scan was done on 2/14/2009.


        • hmmmm, that doesnt sound right.

          I would be tempted to do a complete clean installation from the media and start again.

          It should be on there then.


          • I was afraid of that. I will try Acer support desk first, but I think that may be inevitable. I just started recieving warning emails stating the memory was exceeding 90% usage for over 3 minutes at a time, and there is nobody on the network.

            I agree with your hhhmmmm…..



            • Don

              That really isnt right, and that sounds worryingly like you have some sort of virus on your box.

              For now I would consider unplugging the network cable from the WHS while you wait to speak to Acer.

              Let me know how you get on.


    • Zoonby

      No, there is no mouse, keyboard or monitor port on the H340 and there is no upgrade path from Windows Home Server to Windows Server 2008.


  64. hello,

    i removed the connection light of my server from my desktop.

    now i cannot connect anymore.

    how to fix this?

    if you might know it, than thanks allready.

    • Cortlever

      Im not actually sure what you mean when you say you removed the connection light of your server from the desktop?

      Do you mean you remove the shortcut on the desktop to the Windows Home Server Console?

      If so, you can access it again from the Start menu – just look for Windows Home Server.


  65. Hi,

    Has anyone tried using the server restore software on the CD and successfully restored the Acer H340 Home Server to its factory default condition?

    I following the instructions: a. removed the Home Server Connector softwarefrom one of the PCs on the network, b: turned off and then turned the server back on, c: pushed a paper clip into the reset hole in the back of the server. But the restore program kept saying it "can't find the server". However, I was still able to access the Acer Home server by going to it from the Windows "Run" command window (for example, Run "Open: Aspirehome" which means the network connection to the server is still good. Very peculiar.

    Ken Chan

    • when you push the reset, hold it for couple of seconds until "i" starts blinking red, then you will just have to wait to LAN light turns blue and then software will find server and you can continue with recovery.

  66. Thanks for the tip, EsAD. After trying what you suggested a few times, I finally got the server to reset to the factory default state. The Acer on-screen instructions are really not clear on this point because it only said to push the reset button momentarily or something to that effect. Too bad for Acer because I actually returned the first H340 I bought to the store because I thought it had a factory restore issue.

  67. Does anyone know how to activate the McAfee Total Protection? Or, to uninstall it? I was able to do that once before on another H340 but now I couldn't find the place to do it on this H340. I thought something got messed up the first time when the server was initialized so I factory-restored the server and try again but it still has the same problem.

    BTW. From the menu across the top in the main console, under McAfee Total Protection, it says "One or more McAfee components are not opertional".

    • Ken

      From memory you will need to connect to the WHS via Remote Desktop and then go to the add/remove programs and uninstall it from there.


  68. I just bought one of these and connector software won't install. I keep getting an error about the time being different. Also, all drive bays are purple, and the bottom left light is red/blue. I tried RDP to the server and it shows the log in prompt, but won't allow me in with the error "unable to log you on because of an account restriction". Since the connector software installation won't complete, I can't set up the server. What should I do? Seems strange that I would need to reload the software from scratch when I literally just took it out of its sealed box. Any ideas?

    • Rich

      I havent seen any error before about times being different.

      Can you explain exactly what you are doing and exactly what have done so far?

      You wont be able to RDP to the server until you have completed the setup and configuration process because part of that includes setting the administrator password.

      Can you try the connector software on another computer?


      • I finally got it working. I had to use the server recovery disc to essentially reinstall everything. I chose the option to reformat as well. This took about 1 hour over a gigabit connection between my PC and Acer. After that was completed, the stanfdard installation steps proceeded smoothly.

        What I had done was take the Acer out of the box and connect it to the network. When I ran the connector installer off the software installation disc, it found the Acer and then asked me for the admin password. The hint was "", so I just pressed next, and then got the error about the time being different. Tried on multiple computers, same symptoms. I found it difficult to believe that I would have to resort to using the server recovery disc on my brand new machine, but I had spent hours scratching my head. Glad I did, because now it seems fine. Although I am now concerned that perhaps what I thought was a brand new unit may actually be a factory refurb…

        I can only deduce from this that my brand new H340 was in fact a factory refurb, because the admin password was already set (to nothing).

        • Oh, and thanks for the reply. Lots of respect to you for spending the time to help me and everyone else here out.

          • Hi Rich

            Im glad you managed to get it working – and yes, I agree with you, it sounds like it wasnt quite "new".

            You know where I am if you need any more help 🙂

            All the best


  69. Hi Andrew,

    Regarding your comment "From memory you will need to connect to the WHS via Remote Desktop and then go to the add/remove programs and uninstall it from there."

    I tried connecting to the WHS via the Remote Deskop and then login into the server through the WHS Console but that still doesn't give me an option to Add/Remove programs from the WHS. Did I misunderstand your comment? Thanks.


    • Ken

      You use remote desktop to connect to your Windows Home Server directly.

      Then you click Start, control panel, add/remove programs and then find the McAfee software and uninstall it (if it is showing there)


  70. Andrew,

    Thanks for answering questions….Got one for ya

    From the WHS console I can't right-click "open" any of my shared folders. I get this error that says "folder name" "Access is Denied"

    Any thoughts? I thought I was able to do this.


    • James

      You should be able to to open a shared folder that way.

      Does the account you are logged in as on the computer that has the connector software on have the rigths to open the folder in question?


  71. To Rich: regarding your comment "…Also, all drive bays are purple, and the bottom left light is red/blue.,,".

    I'm not sure what the "time being different" error means or why you couldn't install the connector software, but since I've gone through the initial installation a few times I know those LEDs will be as you described until everything is correctly setup and then they will all turn BLUE.

    Ken Chan

  72. i see that the HP equivalents require that streaming video needs to be converted. is that true of the Acer?

    • Patrick

      Actually the HP's dont requir conversion, they offer the ADDITIONAL feature of conversion to different divices, such as an iPhone.

      The Acer doesnt offer this additional functionality.

      All Windows Home Servers can stream without additional software, it is a built in function of WHS.


  73. Andrew, thank you VERY much for the super quick reply! some newegg user reviews are misleading then, so thanks for setting that straight.

    the acer does look nice and a great review. i have an HP EX470 that i got from my friend, but it's missing the drive trays which are not sold by HP, so i'm considering the Acer.

    • My pleasure Patrick

      The H340 is a good machine. Can I ask what you plan on doing with your WHS other than backup/restore/remote access?

      The reason I ask, if you are thinking about doing transcoding, as aposed to just streaming, you might want to consider one of the newer HP EX49x series.


  74. Andrew, i'm just looking for storage and back up with streaming capabilities and remote access. i'm not a fan of transcoding at all since i have a very large FLAC archive and the compression i do is strict and the same for all my mobile devices/uses.

    • Anytime Patrick – if you have any further questions please come back here or leave questions in our forums.

      all the best


  75. Andrew,

    Thanks for the clue but I think the problem is I don't think I understand exactly how to use Remote Desk to connect to the Home Server directly. I only know how to connect remotely from another location to my home server (at but that only gives me access to the file folders and the PCs that are connected on the same network as the Acer WHS. I will play around with this some more to see if I can figure it out.

    Ken Chan

    • Hi Ken

      What you do from a computer on your home network is click on the start button and in the search box type remote desktop. This should then display the remote desktop connection program – click it. Enter the name of your WHS, and when prompted the username is administrator and the password is whatever you set as your WHS admin password.

      This will connect you to the WHS desktop – from there just click on start, control panel and find the add/remove programs and go through the list looking for the mcafee software to click on and remove.


  76. Andrew, thank you for taking my question. I am currently running the Acer Windows Home Server in my office and its great. However, I am having two issues that I hope you can assist me with. First, I am having trouble printing when I remote in through the server. The second is that I can not seem to uninstall the McAfee virus program. I purchased and using a different program, but the McAfee keeps on getting in the way.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


    • Nelson

      Re the McAfee question, see some of the comments about this one for suggestions.

      As for the printing one, can I ask you to go into a forums and most the question there please?

      I cant think of anything to help off the top of my head as I dont use mine for remote printing.



  77. Thanks, Andrew. I think there might be something else that has not been setup on the PC in order for me to do that because the remote connection program never came up.

    Here's what I did: Search >> "Computers or people" >> "A computer on the network". Type in "remote desktop" in the search field but then the Windows search function will return a message about the computer not found. I must have totally misunderstood how all this works.


    • Hi Ken

      What version of Windows are you running?

      Have you looked through the All Programs from the Start menu?

      For example, in Windows 7 it is in accessories.


  78. Hi Andrew,

    OK, I get it! I misunderstood you instructions. I thought I had to use the "Search" function from the Start button. I'm using Windows XP Professional. The remote desktop connection program is under "Accessories" as you said. I was able to login to the Acer Windows Home Server interface and can get to the Control Panel now. I should be able to un-install the McAfee software from there now. Thank you very much.


    • John, can you please post your question in our forums on not repeatedly on different posts that are not relevant to your question?


  79. Sorry to be dumb but I don't understand the instructions to remove McAfee. I can go throuh the remote access and get to the WHS Console but I don't have a Start button on the console only on the computer I am using. I have run the McAfee removal tool but it does not work within the Server console. It is very frustrating because when I have tried to load F-Secure it comes back and tells me there are 2 McAfee files which must be removed first. More detailed help would be appreaciated.

    • Ken

      Once you have connected to the WHS via the remote connection software you use the Start button on "that" desktop – ignore the WHS Console! Close the IE window that is displayed then click the following:

      Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Click on the 2 McAfee programs (one at a time) and then click on Remove button.

      I just tried it and it works fine.


  80. Andrew,

    Please forgive me if you have already dealt with these questions.

    I have new HP Protegy with 64 bit Vista. I qualify and have ordetred WEindows 7. I also have a new Acer H340 which I am afraid to set up due to the Vista 64 OS on 2 computers. Here are my questions:1. At this point will my WHS on the new server operate with Vista 64 Home Premium? Even if it does I am going to need remote access and I understand Vista home premium will not work. Do you know if Windows 7 will handle remote access. Would you recommend waiting for the Windows 7 package?



    • Hi Len

      Thanks for the questions.

      Yes, as long as you are running at least Windows Home Server Power Pack 1, it will recognise 64 bit Vista.

      Remote access will work with Vista as it does with Windows 7. Do you mean remote access back to the Vista machine itself? If so, no, you wont be able to remote desktop to the Vista machine through WHS as Vista H.P. doesnt support remote desktop.

      Depends which version of Windows 7 you want. You need to make sure that whichever version you go for has Remote Desktop as part of it.

      Win 7 is so much better than Vista, so my advice would be to go for 7.


  81. Please forgive my typos on my previous message. I have MS and have yet to learn to carefully proof read which I should because of my shaky right hand.


  82. Andrew:

    I have the opportunity to buy an ACER open box but the hard drive was stolen from the floor model. Is a rebuild easy to do with the factory cd rom provided if I replace the HD?

  83. Hi,

    My Acer H340 send me message that the processor run more than 95% over 3 min. That problem appear while the system make storage balancing, each hour. Is it normal? What can I do to avoid this. Does add memory could increase performance? thank you,

    • Marc

      Adding additional memory will always help, but there might be some other reason why this is happening.

      I would suggest you contact Acer technical support to rule out any hardware problems.


  84. I have an A340 (US version?) 1 TB drive, atom proc.

    I got in and authenticated, but it will not allow me to connect from an external network. Is there a detailed setup documentation or listing of compatible and/or incompatible routers, the router it is on is a wrt54gs v3 by linksys.

    It just wont go to the Home Server domain page from the web on an external network.

    Please advise..


    • Jimmu

      There are some guides in our "how to" section on how to set up remote access.

      Have a look at them first and if you are still having problems feel free to post a question in our forums.


  85. Hi Andrew:

    Do you know of anyway to reset the network interface on a H340. The network interface on a new server has stopped working (the server does boot and seem to come up normally – just no lights on the network interface on the front panel and no led's on the connector on the back). This is a brand new server and it was initialized and was running properly. It was then taken and connected to another small network, was accessible for about a minute and then the nic stopped working. Suspect it may have been disabled by the OS. Any suggestions on how to connect to check and re-enable?

    • CJ

      It might be that it is performing some updates – only a few moments ago I was updating a WHS and I lost network connectivity to the box for about 10 minutes, now it is back and is fine.

      Leave it a few minutes and see if that helps?

      If not, then I would suggest contacting Acer Support for help because the only thing I would suggest at this point would be a server reinstallation, which you should only do if you have tried everything else.


  86. Hi Andrew,

    I was wondering if you can help me out. I am trying to hook up a printer to my acer, but I can't seem to make it work. I installed the printer drivers using advanced admin console, but I can't seem to see it on the network. Any ideas?



  87. Hi Andrew,

    Just wanted to check with you about other Antivirus Protection softwares that could be installed on the Acer H340 after removing McAfee. Any suggestions?. Thanks.

    • Hi JD

      The choice is yours really you just need to make sure that you use something that is WHS aware, for example Avast.


    • I have been using Avast WHS Anti-Virus for the last couple of years, you can also buy a the product with 10 additional avast professional licenses for your connected workstations/Laptops

  88. Hi Andrew, while initial installation my new H340 I received an error "Server initialization failed" after first step in configuring the Windows Home Server. After this I have Server icon it the tray but I can't reach

    • Hi Valerii

      I would suggest running the installation again – check the instructions that came with the machine to perform a clean server installation.

      I dont see any other option to be honest.



  89. Hi Andrew, I'm thinking between HP EX490 & Acer H340. The key issue for me is 2TB HD support. I'm planning to use 4x 2TB HDDs, and the H340 is not support 2TB. Some people said, the H340 work with 2TB HDDs, had you tried?



    • Hi Tony

      I havent yet tried a 2TB drive in either, but I will do soon.

      What do you want to do with the WHS? For example, if you are planning to do a lot of media related "stuff", I would recommend going with the EX490.

      If not, then either are good machines.


    • Tony, did you test any of the 1.5TB drives, I was looking at WD WD15EADS Caviar Green Hard Drive, and wondered if it was compatible with the Acer H340 Home Server. In the documentation on-line it has a limited list of drives with a maximum of 1TB and mostly 500G. Then in this forum I noticed that someone posted that the reason for the limited selection is at the time that was all the drives that were available and people have tested up to 1TB and have not had any issues. PLease let me know what your experience has been, Thanks, DM

      • Dany

        I just tried one of the new Western Digital 2.0TB Caviar Black drives in the Aspire H340 and it worked fine. Only gave me 1.82TB of available space but Im getting used to that!


        • I installed three (3) 2TB HITACHI Deskstar HD32000. Now just trying to figure how to configure all of the drives: increase storage vs. backup. The Console Help suggests having the backup on an external drive to be separate from server – which seems logical. How have others been setting up their additional drives?

  90. This NAS looks great.

    Is there a way to rip one's BluRay and feed them to the PS3 ?

    I'm interested in the 2To HDD support too.

  91. Andrew,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to create such a great review of this product, it is very much aprieciated.!

    My one question is this:

    Can this product handle a 5 bay HDD encloser that uses esata replication? (I think I asked that correctly) The model I'm using is the Rosewill RSV-S5?

    Thanks Again!!

    • Hi Robert

      Thank you 🙂

      I believe it can, but I dont have one to test with the Aspire unfortunately.

      Why not post this question in our forums and Im sure you will get a more accurate answer!


  92. It is unclear to me whether all the drives need to be instyalled at the same time, or if not, is there any data lost due to the server redefining the drive???

    The reason I ask is that I could get away with adding a 1.5 TB to the standard 1 TB drives that come with the unit for now as long as I know that there will be a seemless transition when I do choose to add 1 or 2 additional HDD in the future.


    • Toshu

      If you are just adding drives to the server you can add them whenever you want.

      If you are replacing existing drives you will need to do them one at a time and follow the wizards for removing drives and then adding drives.

      If you want to replace the main system drive you will need to do a server reinstallion once you have changed the drives. All your data should be in tact you will just need to create all the users and reinstall any add-ins.


  93. Using RDC I brought in all the updates, removed McAfee, installed Comodo Firewall and Anti-Virus and rebooted per Comodo instructions. BIG MISTAKE!! Though WHS was configured for RDC, the firewall configured itself to refuse RDC. Apparently I should have configured firewall to accept RDC before rebooting. Now I am reformatting H340 and reinstalling it all because it will not respond to my RDC connection request.

  94. Andrew,

    I sure hope you can help because I got stopped right at the beginning.

    I have 6 computers, all of which have Internet connection through the Acer server. However, when I tried to install the software I keep getting the message that the server cannot be found. I have been using the Norton virus protection and firewall. I thought if I disabled the firewall that it might help but frankly I really don't know how to disable the software or even if I should. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Len,

      Where is the Norton software installed? If its on the server then that is your problem – its not meant to be installing on a WHS and I guess it has changed settings. You will probably have to reinstall your WHS now to fix it.

      If its on your computers then you will probably have to set exceptions to the firewall.

      I suggest contacting Norton for assistance on doing this if you are not sure.


  95. Andrew,

    This is a quick follow-up to my previous question. I have tried install the software using 2 different notebook computers. Has the Vista operating system and the other XP. Both computers will not recognize or find the Acer server.

    Thanks again.


  96. I again Andrew,

    it appears that Norton's not the problem. I have tried installing software from 3 different computers only 2 of which have Norton's on them. I completely disables Norton's on my main computer and it still could not find the server. I can access the Internet with no problem on all the computers. Is it possible I got a defective server? Thanks for your help; I don't know where else to go without spending a ton of money and having no confidence in the "experts"


    • Hi Len

      Was your WHS working previously? If so, what changed, any ideas?

      Can you ping the server? Go to a command prompt on any computer, and type ping servername where the servername is the name you gave your server. If it doesnt respond then its a network problem.


  97. Andrew,

    The WHS never worked properly because it has never been installed. The little black box just sits there doing the same thing as my router. How can I ping the unit when I cannot even name the server. When I start the instalation I get the message that the server cannot be found.

    I am thinking of returning the server.


    • Hi Len

      Ok, thats interesting.

      Are you connecting the WHS directly into your router? Can you also connect a computer directly into your router?

      if you have done that and it still doesnt work, then it might be a faulty unit I suppose.

      I would suggest contact Acer to see if they can provide you with any additional troubleshooting steps prior to returning it.

      Let me know how you get on.


  98. Hi Andrew,

    I am new to WHS

    If my OS drive fails,I can reinstall the my WHS to a new HDD. What about all the data on the other three HDDs ?

    please advise Thanks


    • Zoonby

      As long as you perform a SERVER REINSTALLATION rather than a NEW INSTALLATION after the OS has installed youu data should be fine. You will have to reinstall any add-ins and recrete any users you have but the data should be intact.

      If you have any additional questions, please post them in our forums.


  99. Hi Andrew,

    I'm receiving many WHS e-mail warning messages "The memory utilization has exceeded 90 % for more than 5 minute" and wondering if a RAM upgrade would help? (Are you aware if there is room for additional RAM? and if so, once installed is it recognized, or is further configuration required? (it came installed with 2GB (2/0) DDR2 800 SDRAM)

    • Hi Lou

      Upgrading the RAM always makes an improvement.

      You may have to remove the existing ram and replace it with larger ones. There should be no configuration required.

      What else are you doing on your box that has only started recently? Any new add-ins or software installed?


      • I think it may have been a result of moving larger folders of files to the server. FYI, i opened the box and it appears there is only the one slot for ram, so you're correct i will likely have to replace the one shipped if i choose to upgrade.

        Thanks for your response.


      • Andrew,

        I started getting email warnings as soon as I started doing backups.

        I filled the box with 3 x 1TB caviar green drives from external WD Elements cases that were not compatible with Vista or W7.

        How can I turn off these warnings before rogers accuses me of spamming?


        • xmariner,

          In the console go to settings.

          Select hardware health and performance.

          Uncheck all of the warning "Performance Settings" that will stop the emails.

          Alternatively you couuld click the SMTP setup button and remove your mail account, then the server would not be able to send the emails.

          • Something I noticed about the email alerts and gmail.

            Gmail is considering all notification emails to be a single conversation, and each new email gets quoted out do to its similarity to the previous one (75% full, 85% full, cleaned up some files, then 75% full again)

            Gmail works great for me as a source address, but I think I will point it to send the alerts somewhere else, where they won't get quoted out.

            • hello, you may help me,

              I cannot succeed H340 sending email alerts, using a gmail account.

              I tried multiple settings with pop, smtp port 587 SSl, .. with no success.

              1- can you let me know how to enter correctly parameters

              2- is it possible the issue comes from elsewhere (knowing that distant awccess works & that IP config seems OK)

              Thank you in advance


      • I thought the Atom processor was maxed at 2 gig of ram, have you actually found a memory upgrade for the Acer?

  100. I tried the one touch backup today and my server nearly filled itself.

    I have just the preinstalled 1tb drive (looking at getting an extra 2tb drive soon) and it was at about 75%. I plugged a usb hard drive enclosure in the front port and pressed the usb backup button.

    The drive had about 110gb of videos on it.

    First the files were all copied from the usb drive to the public folder. THEN the files were COPIED (not moved) from public to the videos folder. I watched as my free space continued to decrease even after all the files were already present in the public fodler.

    Can anyone who has run usb backup to completion tell me if the files in the public folder get removed after it pushes them into the media folders (like video, music and photo), or do you end up with 2 copies of every file?


  102. someone can help ?

    hello, you may help me,

    I cannot succeed H340 sending email alerts, using a gmail account.

    I tried multiple settings with pop, smtp port 587 SSl, .. with no success.

    1- can you let me know how to enter correctly parameters

    2- is it possible the issue comes from elsewhere (knowing that distant awccess works & that IP config seems OK)

    Thank you in advance


  103. Andrew,

    I am pulling my hair out–I hope you will help me with my HP . I have 3 computers hooked up. My 2 Vista computers seem to be working ok but my XP notebook shows me files that are "read only" and this is the computer I need to share folders with. Any ideas?


  104. hi andrew,

    great info/website! i would lik to ask you some questions about my new acer WHS.

    first: the back up button on the front side: in some reviews its says you use it to back up the server; you say its to back up the hd contents you conect to the front.. before i overwrite my hd-data i would like t clear this up ;).

    the second question is that i have 3 computers connected to the WHS and backed up two of them so far, but there is no data in my photo/music folders so far..

    did i misunderstand the concept? is the only way t get it there to manually copy-paste the pics and music into the folders. i was under theassumption that it sorted these out like you explained in your review like when connecting a drive.

    If i have to copy it manually: how does it restore the contents of a crashed pc, or does it just put the basics like OS back?

    And second; if i copy photos from 2 pc's to the server, what happens with duplicate folder names (with possible different contents)?? (that last comment is the case in my home a lot..)

    I hope this doesnt sound to stupid, but i'm new to this stuff, thanx for your help!


    • Hi Rob

      1st question – the button is used to bring data OFF a USB drive onto your WHS. It saves a few clicks of the mouse.

      2nd question – yes, the only way photos or music will appear in the shared folders is if you put it in there. Backing up your computer only backs up the computer, it doesnt sort your data (although that would be a very cool feature, I know it would save hours and hours of sorting)!

      If you need to restore a pc, you use the restore cd on that computer, which connects to your WHS and you select which backup to recover. WHS then does the rest for you in a very short time.

      As for the duplicate name thing, well thats just the same as any folder, you cant have two items with the same name in the same folder.

      Feel free to ask any more questions 🙂 Although you might get a quick response posting them in our Forum.


      • Thanks for your reply. I surfed through the forum as well and use synctoy now to copy and backup photos and music on the server, it keeps track of duplicates and so on.. works fine so far.

        The backing up from a usb drive made a mess: i put 330 gig's of mp3's on it, and it made a huge list instead of keeping them in albums, when opening the music folder it takes very long to get all the data…

        Keep up the great work,


  105. Hi Andrew, I though you and other readers might be interested to know that the "Advanced Admin Console" Add-in allows WHS Console access to other admin functions that usually require Remote Desktop connections. For example uninstalling the McAfee software shipped with the server can be done using "Add/Remove Programs" as usual, but from within the console.



  106. I had some issues with my server, but a friend of mine found somene on the internet who made cables that connect to the motherboard inside the acer server, now I can connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the server and use it like a normal computer. I have also maxed it out HDD wise with 4 2TB WD Green drives, and they all work great. I have Perfect Disk installed for WHS, now just looking for the antivirus software. Still learning how to set everything up, but after reading all the comments here I have learned quite a bit. Sometime down the road I plan to upgrade the processor and maybe the memory.

    • please send me de link for the cables, i need made cables that connect to the motherboard inside the acer server, now I can connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the server and use it like a normal computer.

  107. 1st Great site. Thanks. One of the main things I need to backup is uncompressed music files. Can I set the server to backup these files without compressing?


    • Hi Boyd

      The files are backed up to the Home Server and you cant define how they are backed up. If you back them up you cant play them from the server, you would have to open the backup.

      If you want to store them on the server for playback, streaming, remote access, whatever, then they are just stored, as is.

      hope that helps?


  108. Andrew

    How do I remove McAfee from my acer H340 server. I notice when booting up my pc that the icon shows green and then show red, with pop window stating the spyware and firewall is not running, and then server icon turns back green again. When I check the status, it indicates everything is ok

    • Wesley

      Use Remote Desktop Connection from your computer to connect to the desktop of your WHS. From there, launch Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it from there.

      If that doesnt work, or you have any problems, drop by our Forums and leave a message as it will get answered quicker.


  109. Hi Andrew, I have 3 computers backed up on my WHS, one W7 Home Premium, the other 2 Vista Home Premium, but when I try to access it from remote I get "Not supported on this operating system." Do you have a solution for me?

    • Gordon

      The reason they dont work is because Home Premium (both Vista and 7) do not provide remote access capabilities. This is not a problem with WHS, but with Windows itself. You can either upgrade your Windows machines to Ultimate, Enterprise or Business (not exactly the best option) or you can do a search on Google to find a hack/work around that enables remote access on those machines.


    • Hugo

      As long as the software is compatible with Windows 2003 then yes, however there is always the chance that whatever software you install could break Windows Home Server, so be very careful!


  110. Thanks a lot Andy, this complete review, your own blog and of course your excelent book (I just purchased at Apress in pdf format) helped me to setup 3 H340's for 3 small business that needed jus a file server. I reinstalled the software on a 2Tb Hardrive and added 3 more to each unit, 2 for storage and 2 for backups. They are very pleased and have access to their files from all the world.

    Please keep doing this fine work.

    Best regads


  111. Hi Andrew,

    I have couple of questions:

    1. I'm trying to remotely connect to a Windows 7 PC thru the H340, but it says "Not supported on this operating system". Is there a software upgrade or something like that will fix this issue?

    2. I have a Windows XP Professional PC connected to the H340 and have the "Remote Desktop Web Connection" setup on the PC already. The Windows Firewall is also turned off. However, the H340 says "Connection disabled" when I tried to remotely connect to this PC. Is there something else I need to do on the PC?


    • Hi Ken

      You didnt say which version of Windows 7 you are using, only certain versions support remote desktop connection, so I suspect that is why (you need Enterprise or Ultimate basically).

      Can I ask you to post your question in our forums so that others can help you?


  112. Hi Andrew,

    I think I found the answer to my question #2 in my last post. I also think I am probably out of luck about connecting to a Windows 7 PC.

    In any case, I do have couple other questions:

    3. How do I login to the H340 Operating System so I can install the McAfee Total Virus Protection software?

    4. How I change the default picture (the family running around) in the initial login screen?


    • OK, Andrew. Let me register to the forum and then I will post this and the other two questions that I have. BTW. I have all Windows 7 Home Premium PCs and they are the ones that I couldn't connect to. Thanks.


    • Hi Ken

      to answer 3, you need to use remote desktop connection from a pc to the WHS

      for 4, do a search on google, there is a way to do it but I just cant remember off the top of my head 🙂


  113. Hi,

    Great site you have. I just picked up my H340 and look forward to making the best out of it. I have a few questions for you.

    1. I plan to use all the extra 3 bays. I would prefer to put 2 TB drives into the extra slots. I have noticed on previous posts that some have been doing this. Just wondering if anyone has a any update on how using 2 TB drives are working out. Can the processor deal using these 2 TB drives.

    2. Using the H340 for storage and backup. There appears to be many differant ways to accomplish this and what would be the best menthod…Mirror one drive to another. Mirror 1 to 2 and 3 to 4?

    Is there a RAID that can be used where all 4 drives work with one another to backup the data.

    How about using an external drive via a USB to back up.

    Thanks again and look forward to reading all your comments


    • Hi Markus

      To try and answer your questions:

      1 – I have used 2TB drives in my home servers without any problems so far. The processor has no issue using the drives.

      2 – you dont get a choice about mirroring or raid with WHS. When you add a drive to the storage pool WHS uses its own built in "raid like" software, called Drive Extender to do the work.

      You can connect an external drive to do backups of your shared folders using the built in software or you can use an add-in like BDBB to backup your backup database.

      If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to ask, but can you post them to our forums please so that others can respond?


      • Hi Andrew,

        Thanks so much for your answers. So just to confirm that the information is stored amungst all the drives that are used. If one drive fails, replace it and no data is lost.

        Also, is the backup information stored the same way..If you lose the PC hard drive, your just do a restore and all the data is restored.

        Using the server for storing data like pictures is just like using one big hard drive…Would that be a fair way of looking at it

        Sorry thought I this post was on the forum..where is the forum.


        • Hi Markus

          The link the forums is at the top of the page.

          Yes, data is stored amongst all the drives – WHS just sees it as one big pool.

          Data will only not be lost if you have folder duplication turned on. You might want to visit the Microsoft website and read the Drive Extender Technical Brief –…. It will be much clearer how DE works.

          Backup information is not stored the same way and there is only a single copy.


    • Ovidiu

      You will need to perform a computer recovery using the cds that came with the WHS. You run it on the pc that has the problem, it connects to your WHS and asks you which backup to recover – then you just wait.

      Check out the instructions that came with the Aspire for more information – or post another question in our forums


      • Hy Andrew,

        i have a Acer Aspire easyStore H340, i instal an ativirus inside of easyStore and after i can't acces it my Acer Aspire easyStore H340. I try all metods, i read the book, but i can't do. I try with cd but i can not find. I want to reset the storage.Do you have a recomandation Andrew?

        Thank you!

          • Thank you Andrew,

            "Exactly the same as when you first installed Windows Home Server, your computer must support being able to boot from DVD or USB stick, otherwise the installation will not be able to take place. You may need to go into the BIOS of your computer in order to set the boot priority so that the DVD or USB stuck is first in the list. Consult the documentation that came with your computer if you are unsure how to do this. The other option is to choose the boot device when the computer starts up

            • Ovidiu

              There should be a server recovery DVD in your Acer pack – it is labelled Server Recovery Disc – you run that from a computer on your network which then connects to your WHS via the network and performs the recovery that way.


    • Hi Ovidiu

      I think at this point you should go into our Forums and post a detailed question on what you have done and tried so that people can offer suggestions as this page is for the review of the Acer.

      The forums can be found by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


      • Cool stuff, Andrew. Thanks.

        I read a post from a user who said they had put a USB ethernet card on their WHS so that if the built-in ethernet port failed they wouldn't have a "bricked" machine. Server 2003 certain supports multi-homed machines, so I'm surprised you say it's not supported. Any further thoughts about this critical redundancy?


        • Ofeu

          I said it wasnt supported, not that it wouldnt work 🙂

          Microsoft are very clear that there are quite a lot of things that you can do with Windows 2003 (WHS being built on that) that could break WHS, plus if you read the EULA (not that anyone does) you are not supposed to make changes (again, everyone does).


  114. Hi Andrew,

    I wasn't able to find the answer on the forum so I hope you don't mind me asking you instead. How do I start a regular Windows login session on the H340? I was able to do that before by following these steps:

    1. Connect and login to the H340 from a remote PC.

    2. Select the "Computers" tab.

    3. Click on the "Connect to your Home Server" link.

    4. Enter the "Windows Home Server" password.

    5. After Windows Home Server Console has come up, minimize it and I would have the Windows desktop.

    However, somewhere along the line something happened and now I can't minimize the Windows Home Server Console so I can't access the disk drives directly anymore.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


      • Thanks, Andrew. Do you mean initially I would need to use "Remote Desktop Connection" to connect to the H340 from another PC that's on the same local network as H340 and try to connect to "//ACERHOME"? After the H340 is setup for remote access then use "Remote Desktop Connection" again to connect to it from a remote PC?

        • Hi Ken

          It depends what you want to do remotely. If you just want to connect to it from inside your home network I would just use remote access. Outside your home, then the WHS remote functions.

          Im not sure what to suggest though if you are having issues with it. 🙁


          • Thanks, Andrew. In that case, I will see if I can get it to work again as before and I will post my findings. This is a pretty useful "undocumented feature" because it would allow me to connect to H340 Windows Home Server OS from any PC at a remote location. Otherwise, I would have to physically go to where the H340 is located to perform the tasks that are not available through the Windows Server Console.


            • Kenchan and Andrew: The mechanism that WHS uses to permit secure remote connections to PCs in the home does not permit Remote Desktop Connection to the WHS directly. This is by design. A workaround would be to connect to the PC first and use that PC to open a session with the WHS. Probably you could open the relevant port on your router manually to forward to the WHS directly, but this would not be a secure connection.


  115. I primarily bought the H341 for storage space and to backup one OS (my primary PC).

    I put 2 blank 1TB drives in there, then put 2 more 1TB drives in, those 2 contained data.

    How do I use the H341 for both the above efficiently? When I RDC into the NAS I only see DE and system folders. Where are all my existing files? Can I not transfer back and forth between drives within my case and the NAS?

    • Shelley

      Firstly WHS is so much more than just a NAS.

      When you added your data drives to WHS what options did you select in the WHS Console? If you added them to the pool then they would have been formatted.

      If you didnt add them to the pool you will need to RDC to the WHS and map drives to them to make the accessible.

      Like I said, WHS is so much more than a NAS.

      If you want WHS to handle the data for you then you will need to move the data from those drives to drives that are part of the WHS storage pool, then WHS can do everything, including protecting the data, because at the moment using the scenario you have described the only thing WHS will do is backup that one computer!


  116. Hey Andrew I really like your review and Im considering to buy it in about 2-3 months.

    My question is would this device be alloud by rogers to run on my network? And if you use remote desktop to it what would u see? And yes i never used this o/s but im guessing its simular to windows 7 layout? lolz

    And can u compare a Synology NAS server and this acer server?

    Please and thxs 🙂

    • Hi Peter

      There is a newer model out now so you might want to look at that unless you can get a really good deal on the H340 (and there are a few good deals out there).

      To answer your questions:

      would this device be alloud by rogers to run on my network? – i would have thought you could put any computer you wanted on your home network. But if you are unsure just check with the,

      nd if you use remote desktop to it what would u see? – if you use RDC from your computer to the WHS then you would see a usual Windows 2003 desktop. If you are referring to the remote access capabilies of WHS then you would see information on your computes, backups and more. Do a search on the site for remote access and have a read through some of the articles to familiarise yourself.

      i never used this o/s but im guessing its simular to windows 7 layout – no, this is not an OS you use or log into like Windows 7 – it runs on the WHS and the WHS runs quietly in the background. You do everything you want via the Windows Home Server Console that you install on your computer. Again, take a look at some of the articles, including

      And can u compare a Synology NAS server and this acer server? – would depend on which Synology box! I have reviewed some on the site – again, do a search for synology in the search box at the top of the page.

      Personally I think the WHS is better, but thats just me. You can do so much more with WHS, and its more expandible, and easier to use, etc, etc.

      But dont just take my word for it 🙂


  117. Well where i buy stuff i cant find the newer version heres the links to wats availible to me..

    What would you recomend? my budget is 500$ with tax and those stupid eco fees lolz

    and Apprently rogers hate servers because they say it slows there networks down lolz.

    And i have the 110J 1bay synology server with 1TB HDD 🙂

    Also would i be able to run/use the vent server app?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my posts 🙂

    • Have you tried looking on Amazon? I cant suggest anywhere in Canada as I am in the UK, so all I can suggest is Google.

      the H340 is a good machine – so much better than the Synology 110.

      I dont know what the vent server app is – sorry. If it runs on Windows 2003 then it "should" run but unless there is a WHS version (which I doubt) then it may not work correctly. You need to remember that WHS is not meant for you to connect directly to and to things outsides out the Console.


  118. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for the great site. I bought a H340 based on your comments. I have loaded it and can connect easily to my computer but I instantly had a problem with the H340's red "i" light going on. When I initially turned on the H340, I waited for all the lights to turn blue but they don't. The "i" always flashes red. After waiting over 3 hours I installed the WHS software. No problem with that and I can easily navigate and connect to the server. Once the software was loaded and I rebooted the machine, the "i" light flashes blue and eventually goes completely blue. Unfortunately once the HD drives kick in and go blue the "i" light immediately goes red.

    This is preventing me from using the quick connect usb port and has been really frustrating. Dragging and dropping my files seems ridiculously slow. I couldn't do a complete back up of my computer in over 12 hours.

    Other and that, the machine looks like exactly what i'm looking for. I have now returned 3 (yes 3) back to the store because of this issue. The manual tells you about 6 reasons why the "i" light would flash red but doesn't tell you how to fix the problem.

    What am I missing. Any thoughts?


    • Hi Bill

      to be honest I am not sure what to suggest – especially as you have had 3 machines! The chances of 3 having the same fault seem pretty slim to me.

      Can I ask you to post this question in our forums as more people will see it as this is quite an old post. Someone may have the answer.

      Have you tried speaking to Acer?


  119. Hi Andrew,

    I am a fairly new user of a WHS. I have a Acer H340 with 3 1TB HDD. I added one 1TB HDD more to expand my storage however, now it seems to crashed. I recieved error messages from my WHS telling me that files was not readable because the device was not attached. It seems that my extra 1TB wich is not the same type as the three original, and older, is malfunction. My question is. Is it possible to switch it to a new HDD and the WHS simply reinstall my files by using my duplicateted files or is it possible to get hold on the duplicated files and simply remove the bad one from the storage list?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Bjorn

      Assuming you had all your folders set to duplicated then you should be able to just swap out the drive and WHS will then use the new drive as part of its storage pool.


  120. Hi Andrew

    I started doing that in hope of that was the best way but got unsecure what the WHS would do.

    It asked if I should formate it and I didn't get any message what it would do afterwards. Maybe it will when the HDD is formated. The manual doesn't say anything.

    I Have all the files duplicated except for some movies which isn't importent.

    However, I installed a addon which made it possible to see the duplicated files but i couldn't copy or read them but they are there.

    Is there a way to get hold of the duplicated files and copy them to another HDD on my network before changing the HDD. Just to be sure. I really don't want to loose them files since most of them are fotos.


    • Hi Bjorn

      Once the new drive has been added to the pool WHS just does its thing in the background, you dont get told anything and you dont get asked anything.

      If you are really unsure about your photos, I would just take a copy of them on a different drive or copy them to your computer for now if you have space.

      But this is normal behaviour for WHS.


  121. Hi Andrew

    This sounds like music to me.

    If I got this right, when I replace the bad HDD with a new, the WHS formate it and reconnect it to the pool and restore its's contents using the duplicated files and if there is no duplicated file the WHS remove from the FAT and it is lost.


  122. Hi Anfrew,

    My Acer WHS was running for good since about 2 years now. Two days ago, I wanted to stream a video from my PS3, but the Server was not visible anymore. I checked what happened, and it seems the Server doesnt even get an IP, means it is not accessable in any way anymore. I use a Fritz Box router and the DHCP does not recognize it at all. I used IP scanners etc. no results..

    Now my question is, how this can happen, especially when I didnt make any changes at all and no updates at all … The strange thing is, I get a "link" on the ethernet line, but it switsches to 100Mbit not 1000Mbit. The switch is a Giga switch and the Acer and my PC also got Giga Ethernet.

    I tries to connect directly to the server through my PC, even then there is only an "unrecognized" Network, nop WHS also. The server does boot up totally, but just is not accessable.

    I did read several forums and I saw some other peoples got similar problems, with the same. I really wonder what is going on, since I do not believe at all that this is a hardware fault. The only conclusion is, that something with the ethernet drivers is in very bad shape. Are there any known issues with it yet maybe ?

    I didn't do the recovery yet, but I assume it might fix it, it just can not be the solution, since the root problem will stay.

    Anyone else got this problem yet ?

    best regards,


    • Hi Mark

      You say you didnt do any updates but if your WHS was set to automatic updates then it will be updated on a regular basis without you doing anything, and there is always the slight possibility that a updated driver will break something (it happens on occasion).

      As server reinstallation will fix whatever the problem is though.

      I havent heard of any particular problem – can I suggest you post a question in our forums so others might be able to reply as this is a very old thread.


    • Hi Sleepy,

      I have similar issues with my Acer Aspire easyStore H340. It stops responding on the network, the link status remains good but connected to 100MB. The servers works fine for 5 minutes to a few hours and then stops responding, not even to Remote desktop connection. My (6 feet) network cable is a Cat 5e but I remember it used to connect to 1G before; I have ordered a Cat 6 to see if it could fix the issue but it is not yet installed. I also observed that disconnecting and reconnecting the network cable is sometimes able to restore communication but still always connect to 100MB.

      In the mean time, 6 days ago, I’ve connected with Remote desktop to the box and downloaded all updates it could find with Windows Update. There were many, even through autoupdate was on. It has been working fine since then.

      How is yours? What have you done?

  123. Hi Andrew

    I replaced the bad HDD with a new in the same place as the bad one but the WHS didn't seem to understand that I wanted the bad one switched with the new one. The WHS formated it and I was qustioned if I wanted it to be a part of the pool or as a backup. I choose with the pool since that seems to be the most right but the WHS simply added it to the pool and the bad one was "missing". I looked in the help files as well but how can I tell the WHS that I want the bad one switched.


    • Click the bad one in the list and choose remove so its no longer there.

      the new one will just be used by WHS – there is nothing else you need to do, it will just happen in the background over time. Its not an instant thing, thats not how WHS Drive Extender works, but eventually it will use the space on the disk as it needs to.


  124. Hi Andrew

    It's me again 😉 I can be quite percistent when I want to understand something.

    So when I remove the bad HDD from the pool list the WHS use the duplicated files when it find a corrupted file on the bad one?


  125. Hi Andrew

    No problem I'll continue in the Forum. Thank you very much for your help to get me this far.


  126. I bought the Aspire hoping to combine my 2 external hard drives into one so that i can access them with both my computers. I have it all installed but can't seem to get to the files that were on the hard drives previously. I tried the removing and adding thing, but it has to be formatted and i hadn't backed up what was on there yet. Is there anyway to access the server like you would with windows explorer, or at least be able to access the files on there?

    • Nick

      If you have already added the drives to the pool and they have been formatted then the data is gone.

      if you havent added them to the pool yet then just connect them to your computer and copy the data from the drives to the shared folders you want.

      Can i ask that any further questions be posted in our forums to allow others to respond?#

      thanks – Andrew

  127. Hi, I'm curious about this product, and I'd like to know if anybody could say something about the noise level of this product? I've bought some other network storage products before (including the WD MyBook World, and a NAS from Synology), the problem I have with both of them is that they are SO noisy that I can't leave them on permanently. I literally have to just switch it on, use it, and switch it back off, as the noise levels are completely unacceptable and had I kept them in my living room I'd have problem hearing the TV over it!

    Since I have such negative experience with the noise levels on other network storage/server devices, I hesitate to buy yet another one. What's the noise level like on this server?

    Thanks in advance for any info. 🙂

    • Personally I didnt find it that noisy but everyone is different.

      Remember that WHS's are "designed" to be tucked away somewhere out of site and hearing.

      If you really have to have a silent one I would suggest building one yourself – its the only way to be sure.


  128. I have a question about WHS:

    1) Any other competitors?

    2) Can I stream stuff from the server onto my iPhone or Blackberry or something?

    3) Can I access files from anywhere in the world where I have an internet connection?

    4) Can I use the USB ports to plug in external USB drives and "add" storage to the WHS?


    • Hi Nick

      It will be up to Acer to provide software to rebuild the box as Vail – there is no direct upgrade path as V1 is 32-bit and Vail is 64-bit so its going to involve moving data first then doing a clean install of Vail (assuming Acer support it) then moving your data back.


  129. I really enjoy this site. Wewish I could come here everydayall day. Please keep putting up much more stuff!

  130. Hi Andrew, Thanks for giving detailed info. I purchased a H341 today. Having 1Tb HDD only. I am trying to setup but problem is server not found and red light shows me on hdd bay 1 and 2. What will bw the issue.
    Thanks again,


    • Hi Ajay

      Im not sure what the problem is – check all the connections and try again. If that doesn’t work I would suggest contacting Acer just in case you have a faulty unit.

      Any more problems feel free to leave a comment in our forums so that others might be able to help as well.


  131. Hi Andrew –

    I am considering this as a purchase. I need to allow 2 colleagues access to files on a laptop on a home network, as well as needing the files to be backed up. I have hitherto done this using a Lacie drive which automatically synchronised and backed up the folders, and had web access, but the drive has failed. I am wondering whether this would be a more substantial alternative to replace it with.

    Can you confirm it would be able to do the following:

    – third party web access with their own passwords;
    – store files in file tree structure same as on laptop (I was concerned by something in thread above about thousands of MP3s all ending in same folder – I have thousands of small text files, and tree structure needs to be carried over);
    – allow third parties to amend, delete, upload as well as download;
    – synchronise automatically (there was also something in the thread suggesting it only automatically backed up OS files not folders)
    – be fully compatible with my relatively ancient XP systems;
    – connct direct to router so I don’t need computers on

    I suspect these questions are more basic that many on the thead, I hope that by telling you how I have achieved this hitherto you will see where I am coming from and how tech-savvy I am not. Many thanks in anticipation.

    • hi Allan

      Firstly I would suggest waiting to buy something until WHS 2011 is released in the next few months otherwise you are buying old hardware and software, unless you dont mind and you can get a really good deal.

      I can confirm all of your points – with the synchronise automatically question you can set up folders to backup to external drives.

  132. Andrew,

    Is it possible to get a copy of the files that are on the USB (recovery device) from the H340?

    Mine have become corrupted, and its causing some issues.


  133. Hi All,

    I have been using my Acer EasyStore H340 quite a lot. I’m very happy whit the way it works. Now i’m wondering if its possible to install the new version of WHS on the Acer H340?

    The new WHS only works whit 64 bit. Is this a problem for the Acer H340?

    Thanx a lot!!

    • Hi Arno

      The Intel Atom 230 processor included in the H340 is 64 bit so that isnt a problem. However if you plan on doing a lot of media converting or streaming then you might find the box to be a little underpowered.

      The issue will be installation and support, which would have to come from Acer, unless you want to try and do it yourself.

      Remember that there is no upgrade path, only a clean install, and you will need specific WHS 2011 (Windows 2008 R2) drivers for all the Acer elements (including the lights on the front).

      As yet Acer have not commented on whether they will provide any form of upgrade.


  134. As expected, doesn’t even bother to see if the restore actually works. It doesn’t. Total useless POS. Noob review.,

      • I’m looking to re-purpose this thing to be more than a door stop. It is a good WHS but I find it very constricting within the confines of serving to Macs. Is there anyway to throw a more OS X friendly OS on the thing? I have always prided myself on knowing how to do fresh installs of OS be that on a PC or a Mac but this thing is so frustrating since I am now solely on a Mac. Will I be able to do an OS overhaul via Parallels or VMWare from my Mac?

        My main objective is to get some kind of media management software on there to be able to serve to my iPhone and my Macs. Haven’t really found any elegant solution thus far.

        Thank you

        • Hi Curtis

          The problem is that there isnt a mouse, keyboard or monitor port on it so whatever you want to install will need to be able to be installed “headless”. I’m afraid I don’t have any recommendations for you. You could post a question in our forums as more people will see it now.

  135. I just like the helpful information you provide on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here regularly. I am relatively sure I will be informed plenty of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the following!

  136. Your blog has been saved to my bookmarks and I have also sent out a message to my friends – look forward to more posts in the future!


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