MicrosoftWindows Home ServerFebruary 2009 Update for Windows Home Server

February 2009 Update for Windows Home Server


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Yes, it’s that time again for this month’s update for Windows Home Server.

This one is a very small, but kind of important update. If you have your server set to perform automatic updates then you should get this fix shortly. If you don’t then you can manually update your server, and maybe now would be a good time to set your server to do automatic updates?

The updates contains the following fixes:

Windows Home Server Connector Software

Users who have either modified or deleted the Home Server Connector Software folder in their home server’s Software shared folder may have encountered problems on their home computers after an update was applied to their home server.

Home Computer Backup and Restore

Issue 1

Some users may have encountered issues when restoring files and folders from a Home Computer Backup.  This update provides new functionality to help alleviate the Home Computer Backup process stalling when reaching 79% to 81% complete.

Issue 2

Prior to this update, after running the backup database repair process, some users reported being unable to open a home computer backup from the Windows Home Server Console. This issue has been fixed so home computer backups can be opened whether the home computer backup database repair wizard has been run or not.

The KB article, KB961030 will be available shortly.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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