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More Information on Tranquil PCs Upgrade to Windows Home Server 2011 Service

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Tranquil PC were going to offer an upgrade service to Windows Home Server 2011 if you had one of their SQA-5H Windows Home Server V1 boxes. Well here is some more information.

Tranquil PC Leo HS4 Windows Home Server 2011 Pricing and Specs Revealed

Over the last few days we have talked about the forthcoming Windows Home Server 2011 hardware from Tranquil PC, called the Leo HS4. Now we can exclusively reveal the pricing and more details on the specs.

More Information On What Are Tranquil PC Doing with Windows Home Server 2011

Earlier this month we told you exclusively what Tranquil PC were planning on doing with Windows Home Server 2011. Now we have some more information for you.

GPT and MBR Disk Partitioning – A Supplement to BYOB #33

In this episode we talk about GPT and Master Boot Record formatting and this short sermon gives you a brief overview of these types of technology. Read on to find out how the use of drives larger than 2.2TB will affect your systems.

Windows Home Server 2011 State of the Union Article in SMB PC Magazine

The January / February 2011 issue of SMB PC magazine is out and in it is an article on Windows Home Server 2011, written by yours truly!

Windows Home Server 2011 AWIECO RemoteLauncher – Video Edition

AWIECO is the first company to release an Add-In for Windows Home Server 2011. I had a chance to install it over the weekend and it works great. This useful Add-In allows you to manage your WHS 2011 or SBS remotely by enabling more administrative functionality. Check out the short video and article to find out more!

Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Release Candidate Available

Yesterday Microsoft pushed out the Windows Home Server 2011 RC for testers, they also pushed out the RC for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials 2011 (formally Aurora).

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