Ubisoft releases HIDE by Watch Dogs app to keep your communications secure

With H_IDE by WATCH_DOGS, disappear from the network.

Ubisoft releases Watch Dogs Dedsec video

Ubisoft released a new video for Watch Dogs called Dedsec.

Sony and Ubisoft working on a Watch Dogs movie

Sony and Ubisoft are working on a Watch Dogs movie, as announced today at Gamescom.

Ubisoft releases Watch Dogs gameplay Series Part 1 Hacking is Your Weapon

Ubisoft released a part 1 in a new gameplay series for the hotly anticipated Watch Dogs called Hacking is Your Weapon.

Ubisoft releases Accolade trailer for Watch Dogs

Ubisoft released a brand new Accolade trailer for the hotly anticipated Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft Launches Unique Watch Dogs Fan Contest

Ubisoft have announced a rather unique contest for Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs Unlockable Content for GameStop and Amazon.com

Ubisoft have just announced some special unlockable content for Watch Dogs if you pre-order it from GameStop or Amazon.com.

New Watch Dogs screens emerge

Ubisoft have released some new screenshots for Watch_Dogs.

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