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Battlefield Hardline Premium program detailed

Visceral Games, an Electronic Arts Inc, today announced Battlefield Hardline Premium, an exclusive membership program delivering new content and early access to Battlefield Hardline...

Jamie N Commons to release music for BF Hardline

Visceral Games, and KIDinaKORNER / Interscope Records, today announced a partnership with hit musician, Jamie N Commons, to deliver his newest single “Karma” exclusively...

Battlefield Hardline coming March 2015

Today Electronic Arts has announced that Battlefield Hardline has finally has a new release date of 17th March, 2015 in North America and 19th March,...

Battlefield Hardline Gets Release Date

EA has officially released a new Battlefield Hardline trailer which confirms a release date of 21st October. The trailer shows what appear to be several...

EA Announces Battlefield Hardline coming this year

EA has officially announced that the new Battlefield game for this year will be called Battlefield Hardline developed by Visceral Games the company that...

Review of Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel From EA

Who said bromance was dead?

Review of Dead Space 3: The Awakened DLC by EA

Back to it's roots or stuck in it's ways?

Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel “Army of Burri-Two” Challenge

From pizzas the size of planets to curries hotter than Hawaii, eating challenges have been making mincemeat out of plucky challengers for years. Now, for the launch of Mexico based Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel, Electronic Arts and Chilango have announced the “Army of Burri-Two” challenge, daring brave Brits to take on a gargantuan burrito so huge and spicy that it can’t be vanquished alone.

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A gnarly skateboarding game with zany characters.

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