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Virgin Media Launches New Alcatel Pay As You Go Phone

Virgin Media has added a new pay as you go phone from Alcatel to their sales mix. Read on for details.

Top five technology must haves for making short films from Mat Whitecross

Mat Whitecross, a previous Virgin Media Shorts winner and now judge for 2012, provides his top five technology ‘must haves’ for making short films.

Using WiFi on the London Underground

Earlier this month we told you that Virgin Media and London Underground had named the first stations to be WiFi enabled. We had the chance to test out the WiFi and we were impressed!

Virgin Media and London Underground name first stations for London Underground WiFi launch

London Underground and Virgin Media have named the first London Underground stations that will be WiFi enabled for free this summer. Stations including Oxford Circus, Stratford, Liverpool Street, Leicester Square and King’s Cross will be among the first to launch, with around 80 stations WiFi enabled by the end of July.

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Review: Transport Fever 2

https://youtu.be/pc0TRxRGSP0 Transport Fever 2 - Console Edition is the perfect opportunity to test your OCD mindset and strategic powers. Furthermore, this simulation game enables you...