Amazing 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray’s from BBC Earth

BBC Earth have a number of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray's available - if you have a 4K TV you should really consider adding these to your collection.

Review: Is the Honor 8 Pro great value for money let’s find out?

Do you have to spend big to get quality with smart phones?, in the last few years Honor has introduced many new smart phones...

Review: Virgin Media V6 Box

Virgin Media recently launched their brand new V6 box, and here is our review.

Virgin Media announces new 4K set top box and more

Today Virgin Media has lifted the cover off of its new connected entertainment line-up (much leaked over the last few months). The combination of smarter,...

Xbox announces Battlefield 1 bundles coming very soon

With the Battlefield 1 open beta has come and gone, and Microsoft is preparing for battle as it reveals several Xbox One S bundles...

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