Canonical Officially Unveils New Ubuntu Phone OS

Canonical has officially unveiled its design for an Ubuntu Phone operating system.

First Xbmc 12 Beta 1 (Frodo) is Out

Today the first beta of the new version of XBMC has been released codename Frodo. Named after one of the founding members of XBMC.

Update for Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Supports Ubuntu 12.04

Parallels just released an update to Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, which includes experimental support for Ubuntu 12.04 and more.

XBMCbuntu Beta 1 Released

As well as releasing XMBC 11.0 Eden beta 3, the guys over at XBMC have also released beta 1 of XBMCbuntu, so if you like LiveCD’s, you will want to check this out!

Boxee Release Version 1.5 for Mac, PC and Ubuntu – And It’s the Last Version

Along with showing off some screenshots of the forthcoming 1.5 software update for the Boxee Box, Boxee also released version 1.5 for the Mac, PC and Ubuntu, along with saying this version will be the last version!

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