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The Executioner DLC for The Evil Within is out now

The Executioner DLC is the third and final add-on for The Evil Within, is available today. The Executioner places players in a series of battle...

The Evil Within ‘Executioner’ the final add-on

Bethedsa has released a new gameplay trailer for The Executioner, the third and final add-on for The Evil Within, releasing on 26th May. The Executioner places players...

Review: The Evil Within: The Assignment

Explore Juli Kidman's story in The Evil Within: The Assignment - the first in a two part story driven DLC.

The Evil Within: The Assignment is now out

The Evil Within: The Assignment is now available! This first piece of DLC for The Evil Within is the first in a two-part, story driven experience and will be...

The Evil Within: The Assignment & Consequence

The Evil Within: The Assignment will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on 10th March, and on PS3 and PS4 on...

Review: The Evil Within

Yet another chance at the survival horror game we all want. Does The Evil Within fill the gap left behind by Resident Evil?

Watch the new trailer for The Evil Within called “World Within”

The Evil Within’s distorted reality is rife with shifting planes and its environments are just as formidable as its creatures. Exploration of this nightmarish...

Flight for life with the new gameplay trailer from The Evil Within

Check out new gameplay footage of the demented, vicious and deadly foes that lie in wait called The Evil Within and see how you can use...

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