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All the Gamescom news from Ubisoft from Watchdogs 2 to For Honor and more

Today, at Gamescom, Ubisoft unveiled the “Bounty Hunter” mode for Watch_Dogs 2, the upcoming instalment in the Watch_Dogs franchise. Bounty Hunter enriches the online...

From The Crew to XCOM coming to Games with Gold for June 2016

Microsoft has revealed the Games with Gold for June, with Goat Simulator and The Crew for the Xbox One. Xbox One title Goat Simulator will...

E3: The Crew Wild Run expansion announced

Today during their E3 conference Ubisoft announced an upcoming massive expansion for their massive only racing game, the Crew. The expansion, titled the Crew...

Rev Your Engines for The Crew and Live update out now

Today, Ubisoft today announced that The Crew Speed Car Pack and Speed Live Update are now available. The Speed Car Pack, the second of...

The Crew ‘Extreme Car Pack’ & ‘Extreme LIVE Update’ out now

Ubisoft released the first piece of downloadable content and the first live content update for the action-driving MMO, The Crew. The first of four themed...

Review: The Crew

OFTEN Drive Alone

Ubisoft release day one patch for The Crew

With The Crew being released today from Ubisoft, which has released a day one patch for the game, which curiously fixes an issues in which...

Get your car keys ready for The Crew – Launch Trailer

The Crew is nearly here starting from tomorrow (2nd December). With the massive re-creation of the United States now open for the exploring, drivers...

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