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A drink, some dinner and free WiFi via The Cloud

Greene King, one of the biggest pub retailers in the UK, has signed a deal with WiFi provider The Cloud to bring free WiFi access to all of its pubs, restaurants and hotels, including the Hungry Horse and Loch Fyne brands – covering up to 2,400 venues around the UK.

Sky Announce Sky WiFi Hotspots from The Cloud and Sky Cloud WiFi app

From mid-April millions of Sky Broadband customers will be able to quickly and easily access free, unlimited and high-speed WiFi at thousands of public places across the UK through new Sky “WiFi Hotspots from The Cloud”.

Add-In Review – KeepVault v3.0 for Windows Home Server

KeepVault from Proxure is an online backup solution add-in for your important files that your store on your Windows Home Server. The latest version, version 3 has just been released and is reviewed here.

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