Two Minute Review : Stormtooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker

It's time for a two minute review of a Stormtooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

Thumbs Up launch The Original Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker on 4th May

The Original Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker will be launched on May the 4th. As all film fanatics know this is also May the 4th Be...

Master Chief and Darth Vader coming to AC Worldwide as Bluetooth speakers

Today Pocketlint is reporting that AC Worldwide who did C3PO and the Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker, that I reviewed last week is making two new...

Review: ACWorldwide Starwars Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker

Now for a review of the Stormtrooper Bluetooth speakers from AC Worldwide which also offers a C3PO versions of its Star Wars Bluetooth speakers aswell....

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