Motorola to launch a Smartwatch and Moto Maker Coming to UK

Motorola has plans to launch a smartwatch later this year announced today at MWC, quote "that aims to solve consumer headaches with other wearables...

Is Microsoft Working on a Smartwatch Device

Is Microsoft has become the latest tech company linked with a move into the smartwatch market.

Sony Xperia S Smartphone Available to Pre-order from Phones 4u

Further to announcing Phones 4u’s exclusivity of the white Xperia™ S from Sony, the high street mobile retailer has announced that the first 250 people to pre-order Sony’s flagship smartphone from Phones 4u will get a Sony SmartWatch FREE.

CES 2012–I’m Watch Announces Smart Watch System

Italian firm I’mWatch announced their new product, a smart watch at CES. Read on for details.

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When a metaphorical GOAT meets an actual goat, what do you get? Well, a 2D fighting game that also combines an ingenious and humorous...

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