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Six Minute and Six Second Installation of Windows Media Center Connector – Video Edition

Do you record TV through Windows Media Center? Did you know that you can have Windows Home Server move the recorded shows to your WHS automatically? Did you also know that the Windows Media Center Connector will also make a smaller copy of that show for your portable device? Check out our short video on the Windows Media Center Connector.

Six Minute and Six Second Installation of a Sound Card and Media Card Reader on a Friday night – Video Edition

Another slow WHS week so I am doing a video of the final steps for my new budget HTPC. This week I will install a sound card and 3.5” media card reader in 6 minutes and six seconds.

Six Minute and Six Second Installation of a $60 Blu-Ray drive on a Friday night – Video Edition

We all know that Blu-Ray has the best picture quality available for television, but did you know it is available for your existing PC for as low as $56 online? If your computer meets some basic requirements you can be watching Blu-Ray in a matter of minutes. This Friday night I will show you how to quickly add a Blu-Ray drive to your desktop computer.

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