Rumour Roundup of all OnePlus 6t rumours on the net

With the rumour of a new OnePlus phone coming this month, so I thought I would bring all the best rumours from the net...

The BBC’s approach to companion experiences

The BBC are working on companion experiences – additional content offered on a companion screen, and they have revealed their approach on a blog posting.

CES 2012 – PureGear’s PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit for the iPhone 4

At CES there were literally hundreds of screen protectors and cases for the iPhone, but one really stood out for me – the PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield from PureGear.

Two Minute Review of the Wrapsol iPad 2 Ultra Screen Protector

If you have an iPad 2 then you will want to keep the screen protected at all times, and the Wrapsol iPad 2 Ultra screen protector may be what you are looking for.

Apple Release MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.0

Yesterday Apple released a new EFI firmware update that solves an issue some people had with blank screens on the new MacBook Air.

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