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Automating Windows Server Solutions Add-In Package Builds to Support In-Place Upgrades

My friend and fellow WHS MVP Sam Wood from Tentacle Software has just published a very long and detailed article on Automating Windows Server Solutions Add-In Package Builds to Support In-Place Upgrades. If you are a developer, or thinking of developing add-ins for WHS 2011, this is a must read.

Feedsource for Windows Home Server Now Available

Back in December we talked about Sam Wood’s new Windows Home Server add-in Feedsource, which at the time was in beta. Sam has just been in touch to say its now finished and out there.

Windows Home Server Client Backup Notifier from Sam Wood

Sam Wood, Windows Home Server MVP and the developer of the must have Windows Home Server Add-In Disk Management, has put together an application that emails you about your backups.

Installing the Disk Management 1.1 Add-In on Windows Home Server on a Friday night

Tentacle Software announced the release of their updated Disk Management Add-In this weekend and I spent an evening in “hard drive information overload” as I reviewed this sweet update to an already cool tool!

Disk Management 1.1 Add-In for Windows Home Server Now Released

One of the best Add-Ins for Windows Home Server has to be Disk Management from my friend and fellow MVP Sam Wood. Well today, after a lot of time and effort, Sam has released a brand new version of Disk Management, version 1.1.

Adding a new drive to Windows Home Server with the Disk Management Add-In on a Friday night

I want to show you how you can add a WHS disk and make the Wireframe modification through the Disk Management Add-In. Usually with Windows Home Server you must use the Server Storage tab to add new drives. Read on to find out how you can use the Disk Management Add-In as an alternative to the Server Storage tab.

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