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Review of Remember Me From Capcom

Capcom's new IP is here, called...er...

Watch Nilin perform her first Memory Remix in Remember Me

Capcom and DontNod will be releasing Remember Me this week and you can watch the scene where Nilin retrieves her combat skin, meets Olga Sedova and performs her first memory remix.

Watch the first 10 minutes of Remember Me

Capcom and DontNod will be releasing Remember Me in a few weeks and we have the first 10 minutes of gameplay for you.

Art of Remember Me book from Dark Horse coming May 15th

Just in time for the hotly anticipated action puzzler’s release, Dark Horse, Capcom, and Dontnod Entertainment invite fans to explore the intricate, enigmatic dystopia of Remember Me!

Remember Me Fight Trailer released by Capcom

Capcom and DontNod have released a new trailer for Remember Me – this one shows off the fighting elements of the game.

Remember Me hands-on Preview

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and play the first few hours of Capcom’s new game Remember Me, and I thought I would share my memories of the preview with you.

Capcom introduces Remember Me at Gamescom 2012

Last week at Gamescom, Capcom introduced a new game that would be coming in 2013. This game is called Remember Me and this is one game you may not to forget.

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