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MPEG-2 and VC-1 decode, H.264 encode, CEC support now available for the Rapsberry Pi

Good news for those wanting to use their Raspberry Pi’s for media playback, you can now get support for MPEG-2 and VC-1, plus more!

Raspberry Pi Gertboard now available

If you have a Raspberry Pi you might want to get your a Gertboard – read on for more.

Android 4.0 is coming to the Raspberry Pi

There is lots happening in the world of the Raspberry Pi, and this includes getting Android 4.0 to run on it!

Raspberry Pi: An evening at the 2nd London Raspberry Jam

A few weeks ago we attended the 1st Cambridge Raspberry Jam, last week we went to the 2nd London Raspberry Jam evening, and it was great fun.

A look at a portable Raspberry Pi at the 2nd London Raspberry Jam

Last week at the 2nd London Raspberry Jam, I met with Sukkin Pang of SK Pang electronics, who showed me his latest project, a portable Raspberry Pi.

How to install RISC OS onto the Raspberry Pi

If you have ever wanted to install RISC OS onto your Raspberry Pi, Martin Hansen has a guide to help you do it!

Chromium for Raspberry Pi beta now available

Hexxah has released a beta of Chromium for the Raspberry Pi – go get it now!

Raspbian based SD card image released for the Raspberry Pi

The first SD card image based on the Raspian distribution has been released for the Raspberry Pi.

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