Atari 2600 Returns as New Compact Handheld and Innovative Plug and Play TV Joystick

One of the most iconic video games consoles, the Atari 2600 is returning as a handheld console and innovative plug and play TV joystick...

Meet Modulo the Expandable portable battery from IDAPT

Today (24th April) the company called IDAPT have posted a new product on Kickstarter called Modulo which is a expandable portable battery.

Samsung announces DA-F60 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker at CES 2013

Ahead of their big press conference at CES 2013, Samsung have announced the expansion of its digital audio line-up. One of the announcements is for the DA-F60 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker .

Make your Raspberry Pi run faster with Turbo Mode

If you want to make your Raspberry Pi run faster you need Turbo Mode.

Upcoming Raspberry Pi board revision details released

Details of the upcoming Raspberry Pi board revision have been released – read on for details.

Denon introduces Cocoon Home and Portable iDevice docks with AirPlay

Denon has introduced the Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable, two £499 streaming speaker docks that support AirPlay.

Android 4.0 is coming to the Raspberry Pi

There is lots happening in the world of the Raspberry Pi, and this includes getting Android 4.0 to run on it!

Raspberry Pi: An evening at the 2nd London Raspberry Jam

A few weeks ago we attended the 1st Cambridge Raspberry Jam, last week we went to the 2nd London Raspberry Jam evening, and it was great fun.

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