4G Mobile Auction Bidding to Start in January

Bidding in the UK's planned auction of spectrum for fourth generation (4G) mobile will get underway in January, with the new services expected to...

Orange unveils the San Diego Android smartphone powered by Intel

Orange today unveiled the San Diego, a new high-performance Android smartphone powered by Intel Inside, which will be available exclusively on Orange from 6th June nationwide.

Nokia brings NFC to Nokia Lumia 610 smartphone with operator Orange

Nokia today announced an NFC version of the recently-launched Nokia Lumia 610, the most affordable smartphone in the Lumia range and the perfect introduction...

Orange Film To Go Service Launched

If you are an Orange customer, you may already take advantage of their Orange Wednesday Cinema Ticket offer. Now they are offering a free film from iTunes every Thursday.

Pre-order your Apple iPad Now in the UK

As it is now Monday 10th May, you can pre-order your iPad now if you are in the UK, and you can also see the range of data plans – and yes, they are not cheap!

UK Pricing for the Apple iPad plus Orange Pricing for Data Plans

Today Apple announced the official release date for the iPad here in the UK, along with pricing, and Orange announced pricing for its Data Plans – are we being ripped off?

Quick Review of the Cygnett Dashview for iPhone

Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and are looking for a decent windscreen mount for your car? Then take a look at this.

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