5 D&D Apps That’ll Up Your Game

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is an ever evolving hobby. In the past decade alone, we’ve had the introduction of its most popular iteration, 5e,...

Microsoft Releases OneNote for Android

Today Microsoft announced the release of OneNote for Android on the Android Market app store.

OneNote for the Apple iPhone Updated to version 1.3

As well as releasing a version of OneNote for the iPad, Microsoft have also updated OneNote for the iPhone to version 1.3.

Microsoft Release OneNote for the iPad

After releasing OneNote for the iPhone back in January 2011, Microsoft have finally released an iPad version.

OneNote Mobile for the Apple iPhone Now Available in the UK

Back in January we told you about OneNote being released for the iPhone. At the time it was only available for US iPhone owners. Until today…..

OneNote Mobile for the Apple iPhone

Today Microsoft released OneNote Mobile for the Apple iPhone. Is this the start of a number of releases from Microsoft for the Apple mobile platform?

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