E3 2012: Nintendo Announces Wii U

Nintendo revealed their new console, the Wii U at E3 this week. We have some details!

A closer look at the Nintendo Wii U GamePad

This morning at the Nintendo press conference there was a Wii U GamePad on display, and it was the black one!

Nintendo E3 Annoucements

Nintendo demonstrated the final Wii U controllers and Miiverse universe functionality. Read on for details.

E3 2012: Your coverage starts here

E3 2012 is this week here in LA, and we are on hand to bring you all the news and updates, starting right now.

E3 Computer and Video Games Show next week

Next week sees the annual E3 Computer and Video Games show in LA, and CDW will be there to cover it!

Google Maps for Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES)

Google Maps are available on a number of different devices – now they have announced that they are finally available for the NES.

Nintendo Announce the Nintendo Network

This week, Nintendo have announced the Nintendo Network for the 3DS and the forthcoming Wii U.

Preview of the Nintendo Wii U

Later this year, Nintendo will launch the Wii U hand-held gaming console, and we managed to get some information on it.

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