Review: She Remembered Caterpillars

I would imagine that naming a video game is harder than one would think. I actually liken it to writing introductory paragraphs honestly. For...

Review: Splashy Cube

Let's Make a Splash(y) Do games need to have complex control schemes to provide an entertaining gameplay experience? Definitely not. For every Monster Hunter game...

Review: Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond is a classic platformer. Varying in dimension, the game is definitely enjoyable for some time. Although, as quests...

Review: Dustoff Z

3... 2... 1... Dustoff!!! Invictus Games takes you on a helicopter ride as humanity holds on to what is left after a zombie takeover. Zombies...

Review: Crowdy Farm Puzzle

Crowdy Farm Puzzle is a delightful 5-in-1 puzzle game which can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

Review: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: A Hidden Gem

The Nintendo Switch is home to many slam-dunk titles. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Animal Crossing New Horizons are...

Two Minute Review : Tough:Kit for Nintendo Switch from Snakebyte

Here is our two minute review of the Tough:Kit for Nintendo Switch from Snakebyte.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate out today for the Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, is out today on the Nintendo Switch as a physical and digital Nintendo eShop release. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate marks...

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Review: Super Magbot

Super Magbot is a challenging 2D platformer with one hell of a gimmick: no jumping.  Yes, you heard that right. The exclusion of such a foundational...

Review : Cris Tales

Review: Death’s Door