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Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Have you got faith in Catalyst?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to be shown at E3 2015

Today EA and DICE offered the smallest glimpse of Mirror's Edge 2 at last year's E3. This year, DICE is promising a grander look...

Mirror’s Edge 2 Announced at EA Event at E3

Mirror's Edge 2 has been announced by Dice. It's the game everyone has been asking for and it's finally on the way, although there...

Mirror’s Edge 2 Domains Switched to EA Servers

EA has switched the domain names for Mirror's Edge 2 and 3 to its own servers, making it seem even more likely that we'll...

Mirror’s Edge 2 Appears on EA Help Page

Mirror's Edge 2 has appeared on the EA help centre site, now EA has taken the website down after there mistake perhaps suggesting that...

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